Joe Biden "abandoned" the position of President Trumps on the chance to "win back" President

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  • Joe is a douchebag president Trump is the real president

  • If the Republicans don't do something, its not going to be good. Wow.

  • Congress does not have executive authority over States voting rights , this is absolutely a over reach of power to control the voting system, this is like saying the Democrats have the authority to change States and federal rights of the people, the supreme court's needs to interfere and let the Democrats know they don't have the authority to do this, this is why our fore fathers said in the second Amendment for the security of a free state, and shall not be infringed upon, the Democrats are over reaching their boundaries and athoratery and needs to stop, this is what the supreme court's have to do and let Democrats know for what they are opposing on the American people is unconstitutional, God bless America forever one nation under God with liberty and justice for all Amen

  • Biden should abandon the country . and go to china where he belongs under Xi desk. Leave it at that…..biden is china pet

  • Garland is a joke.

  • All these radical left wing liberals are liars.

  • Send the Bidens to MARS

  • Kamala Harris is a very dangerous person who has no business running this country

  • OAN is the best!

  • All that BASELESS information caused an insurrection. " Multiple" rallies riled up Trump followers to it's crescendo at the the capital. You don't need to directly tell someone to riot, the speaker knows the mafia like SPEAK to incite his goals. That's why Trump LIED and said he would march with his followers to the capital but he just took off instead. His followers were set up by their leader and they're too bewitched to see it. Trump followers SAID, "Trump said it was going to be wild, so what that meant to me, was to go wild (berserk)"

  • The Biden administration has very little tax payers left they are spending a lot more then they will be taking in

  • Fake fucken news oan news is a fucken lie it's all dummie crook rats lies passed on to the people with there heads so far up there ass fuck the dummie crooks rats an rhinos an Republicans

  • My husband had 73 dollars a week out of his check for that foolish bama care n all that got him was a health exam after 1 year..

  • Fake fucken news oan news is a fucken lie

  • Why dont they give up that stupid ..failure of obama mama care act..its a farce

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