Alex Stovall OAN Interview With Dan Ball

OAN Interview with Dan Ball at One American News

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  • Being involved has importance, yet that military uniform is not the appropriate dress to compaign in for any reason.

  • You are aware that as a member of the military you :
    -Can't be in uniform for campaign photos
    – Can't do interviews in uniform unless it is a dress uniform
    and most importantly
    – Can't deny the legitimacy of the Commander in Chief, the elected President Joe Biden

    And the internet sleuths have seen your Grindr profile. You and Lindsey Graham must be sharing the same closet space.

  • he's going to be reprimanded and perhaps even kicked out of the military

  • He's now under investigation after questioning whether 'sleepy guy' Biden is president and in his official uniform.

  • Why don’t you take a look at AR 600-20, sir.

  • We are supporting you!!!
    and thank you for your service 🇺🇸

  • He's an ass hole to question Biden's presidency. Actually he sounds like that Candice Owens girl.

  • "Soldiers in the Army Reserve who are not on active duty are prohibited from participating “in any partisan political activity in uniform,” according to Army regulations."

  • He should be kicked out of the reserves. He’s violating military protocol by wearing uniform during a political Even and taking a political stand

  • Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.

  • Traitor in fatigues

  • Nice job breaking Army regulations you dim-wit… Take off the uniform…

  • Brilliant young man. I hope you win.

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