In October of 2020 OAN did a report saying COVID-19 cases and deaths are being fraudulently counted.

From October 27th, 2020.


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  • From October 27th, 2020. I did not see this at the time.

  • Spanish Flu Deaths – Bacterial Meningitis In The contaminated Spanish Flu Vaccine.
    Face Mask And Toxic Ethanol Hand Gel Weakens Your Immune System Leaving A Person Pre-disposed To Pathogens.
    People panic thinking they have the Spanish Flu receive the contaminated Spanish Flu vaccine and die from bacterial Meningitis in the contaminated Spanish Flu vaccine.
    Google Ethanol Hand Wash Side Effects – Highly Toxic!
    Face Mask Side Effects
    1) Hypoxia
    2) Hypercapnia
    3) Respiratory Acidosis
    4) Aorta Bacterial Staph Infections
    5) Blood Clots
    6) Pleurisy
    The outcome of the above will be Bacterial Pneumonia
    A piece of cotton over your face will not protect anyone from a virus!
    Covid-19 Test Swab/Probe Is Contaminated With The Vaccine.
    When people are being tested for Covid-19 they are being covertly vaccinated.
    The Covid-19 vaccine is the live mRNA SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    The vaccine is the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    The vaccinated will all die the unvaccinated will live.

  • Here in Michigan they keep doing a Vital Records Review and adding Deaths WTF thye have no idea who has WHUHAN FLU

  • And people still buy into this hoax.
    From day one I kept telling people what if they were just showing a map of the flu, and hyping it up every day on how bad it is and it’s going to kill everyone, fear, fear, fear! Be scared!!!!
    Now we magically see that almost 98% of the flu has magically disappeared??? Where did it go? It can’t be as the news said that the masks did such a good job… if that were the case why is covaids still an issue? It’s a hoax based on lies and manipulation of data. Even the former Vice President of Pfizer explains it. No one listens.. they all keep marching straight to their own destruction while big pharma lines their pockets with dead people/soon to be dead people’s money.

  • Been saying this for 11 months

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