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IM Erika Angela “Mutti” Merkel Exits Political Stage

After 16 years in power, Angela Merkel is not seeking re-election

IM Erika Angela “Mutti” Merkel Exits Political Stage

NEW YORK ( – Far from steering Germany through the COVID-19 pandemic, Angela Merkel seemed to have crashed onto the rocks of her belief. Perhaps exhausted by the previous two years of nonstop pandemic stress, perhaps because she did not want to be blamed by history for failing to do her fair share to save Germany from the COVID-19 pandemic, broke down in tears. The whole history of German Coronavirus pandemic was concentrated right there into a few seconds. This Rich TVX News Network article brings you closer than ever before to the character of the bizarre misfit in her 16-year ascent from the Stasi to uncontested rule over Germany. Angela “Mutti” Merkel rose to the top of the conservative, and traditional political party called the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Angela Merkel was elected by the German parliament to become chancellor on November 22, 2005, which one day will be described in the German history books as a black day for Germany. Merkel had a Prussian-like belief in strict discipline, Merkel´s years in East Germany taught her how powerful government must be, and she was determined to use that power to control Germany, same as the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) wanted control over its citizens. Of the 614 Parliament members, 397 voted for Angela “Mutti” Merkel, and Mutti was sworn in as the eighth chancellor since the end of World War II. Mutti was the first woman ever to lead Germany, but the person known to us as Angela Merkel was nothing more than a Trojan horse of the Stasi, as result of the takeover of Germany by the Stasi, after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Nobody really knew her/his true identity.

Angela “Mutti” Merkel ‘s Alias In Her Secret Espionage Activity

The German Democratic Republic (East Germany) set up one of the world’s most complete and effective spying operations over its own citizens. The Ministry for State Security (German: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, MfS), or State Security Service (Staatssicherheitsdienst, SSD), commonly known as the Stasi was a security and intelligence network based in East Berlin. It had nearly 100,000 full-time employees, and used about 300,000 informants. The Stasi kept some 6 million files. Since the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) had a population of roughly 16 million, that meant that more than one-third of the population was under suspicion. The State Security Service of the German Democratic Republic was founded on February 8, 1950, and was modeled on the Soviet Union’s KGB. Its methods have become notorious. The Stasi was headquartered in East Berlin, with an extensive complex in Berlin-Lichtenberg and several smaller facilities throughout the city, and kept a close eye on anyone whom they thought might be subversive. All phone calls to West Germany were monitored, as was all mail in East Germany.  Angela “Mutti” Merkel was asked soon after to become part of the Stasi, and she agreed. Anyone searching for IM on Rich X Search will find the abbreviation IM, where IM stands for Unofficial Associate, the symbol by which the Staatssicherheitsdienst designates the informants. According to Washington officials, IM Erika would be Angela “Mutti” Merkel ‘s alias in her secret espionage activity. Merkel had chosen to become a member of the Christian Democratic Union. (Merkel´s old party, the DA, had disbanded, and been absorbed into the CDU in August 1990). Angela Merkel did a lot of harm to Germany and its wonderful people, but she did even more harm to Serbia and Republika Srpska, where she installed and supported the murderous dictators Aleksandar “Dickhead” Vučić and his kiss-ass partner Milorad “Dumbass” Dodik. Except for our Russia correspondent Michele, nobody will miss Angela Merkel. The next few months will show whether Germany is a constitutional state and whether Angela Merkel will be arrested or not, if she does not flee into exile in Latin America in time.

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