GOP, get your act together | Doug Collins

‘The ‘RADICAL’ agenda coming in’: Representative Doug Collins of Georgia comments on the perceived divide among Republican lawmakers, and how they need to stay aware of the policies a Biden administration will push. – with Newsmax TV’s John Bachman

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  • You know what? A bunch of MAGA have been arrested for the capitol building attack Trump is president for a few more days and those people are looking at a good amount of time he is not pardoning them. That should tell you something. They are sitting in jail for days and their families are left without them. That is not the DEMS fault.

  • GOP is dead for the fake demon-crats they are, the America First party will take its place.

  • I hope the capitol burns

  • CHENEY needs to be out, collusion and corruption needs to go

  • They are fully taking advantage of the situation we are in to fully install their treacherous Marxism agenda that will destroy our economy and our country as a whole. It’s so disgusting that they can’t even wait until this traitor is in office to start the biggest heist in American history, and guess what leftist, that includes you.

  • You had a chance to get your act together what did you guys do for the last four years diddley squat the party is finished I’ll never vote for one of you guys again instead of supporting our president would you guys do leave them out to dry cowards snakes

  • We were all told to go out and vote, for what it's all rigged. LOL.

  • I agree with Collins. REPUBLICANS are idiots and need to get it together

  • No. The East Coast Country Club Rockefeller Cabal of the GOP are going to be leaving OUR party. We, with President Trump, resurrected the moribund party of LOTE, of G.H.W. Bush, of Dole, of McCain, of Romney, of Rove, and of Cheney. No more Progressive Left Republicans. That's what primaries are for. We will either beat you, or bankrupt you. So, Mitch, Liz, and the rest of you traitors, how much did Soros and the CCP contribute your "re-election" fund?

  • I'm guessing biden will be arrested Wednesday morning

  • We need Radical Right not Radical left…. No government is the best government

  • Republicans can't get their act together, they are running scared, terrified of democrats

  • Get ready for the biggest tax hike in history.

  • Republicans bring knives to a Gunfight ! Big Government is the Lifeblood of Democrat Party- That’s why they’re so vicious ! 🤔

  • Cheater Saudi King China Joe!!!!!

  • People of Georgia gave the ol' 🖕 to Douggie🤣

  • The Democrats have successfully proved that there is an alternative universe and it lives rent free in their own heads.

  • notice that the 2 trillion dollar plan and they only focus on a few billion to be spent for cvid crap—bulk goes to blue cities who cant balance a budget

  • If the Republicans could not get a backbone under the leadership od President Trump you can bet they surely will not get one .

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