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Nevertheless, bringing Aleksandar Vučić to justice is an essential first step toward helping the people of Serbia to put the Vučić era behind them

Draško Stanivuković Honours Aleksandar Vučić’s Corrupt Dictatorship

How could Serbia have so quickly succumbed to barbarism?

Draško Stanivuković Honours Aleksandar Vučić’s Corrupt Dictatorship

NEW YORK ( – Regarding the latest developments and articles in the press, this Rich TVX News Network story is a gripping guide to the coming prosecution of Serbian dictator Aleksandar Vučić for war crimes, and crimes against humanity, which includes his role at the Jewish Cemetery in Sarajevo in 1992. The Jewish Cemetery was on the front line during the war in Bosnia, and was used as an artillery position by Bosnian Serbs and Serbian paramilitary formations. It was thus severely damaged by bullets and fire caused by explosions. The victims died where they were shot. The Geneva Conventions require every soldier to disobey an illegal order, such as an order to intentionally kill civilians. It is ironic that Draško Stanivuković´s alternative in Banja Luka is a world where those who wreak great havoc on their fellow humans are “rewarded” with the keys of the City of Banja Luka, like the Butcher of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić. Banja Luka was one of the most beautiful cities in the former Yugoslavia before the city was turned into a whore house by dictator Milorad Dodik. Victims, alone with their pain and loss, received no keys of the City of Banja Luka from the sell-out Draško Stanivuković, a Bosnian Serb and current mayor of Banja Luka. He is a member of the Party of Democratic Progress. They are left with their countries, livelihoods, and lives devastated. Worse, they are left with the belief that the rest of the world does not care. The concept of international justice is just that, a concept. Without it, the world becomes a much more fearful place with no recourse against a long list of maniacal individuals such as Aleksandar Vučić. Some argue that victims and the public have no rights in a criminal trial, but the Rome statute of the ICC (article 68) also expands victims’ rights.

Dictators Who Perpetrate Egregious Crimes Against Fellow Humans

Those Who Wreak Great Havoc On Their Fellow Humans Are “Rewarded”

Well, Alek, When Are You Leaving?

The Opposition’s main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable. Serbia´s Opposition Leader Nikola Sandulović, the President of the Republican Party in Serbia, broke the fear among the Serbian people. He called a particularly dark period in Serbia caused by Aleksandar Vučić’s strong moves against the independent media and at the same time that the U.S. administration was making negotiations with Vučić the centre of its efforts to seek a solution in Kosovo. The conflict between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians over Kosovo is a territorial one with strong ethnopolitical, cultural and linguistic connotations. Nikola Sandulović is untainted by corruption, and presents a fresh face to the voters of Serbia. With Nikola Sandulović as the next President of Serbia, the country will hit the road of democracy and where there is democracy there will be no place for Aleksandar Vučić. The demoralization that the COVID-19 pandemic and Vučić’s economic policies had brought to Serbia we conclude that Aleksandar Vučić, with all his unarguable capabilities, cannot any longer lead the national policies of Serbia, as numerous hints let us recognize Vučić and his entourage as an organized crime structure. Nevertheless, bringing Aleksandar Vučić to justice is an essential first step toward helping the people of Serbia to put the Vučić era behind them.

It´s A Madman’s Nightmare, It Included Sniper Kills

Many in Belgrade say that Aleksandar Vučić’s radical marxist views—he long insisted on being called “Comrade”, and believe he is attached to the ideal of pure Communism. Nevertheless, yesterday Stanivuković called Vučić a dictator, but today he’s crawling up dictator´s butt. Stanivuković will go down in history as one of the biggest traitors in the history of the Serbian people. Stanivuković has sold all of his ideals for illusory power over the impoverished population of Banja Luka. Draško Stanivuković has built his political career of the last three years on the dead body of David Dragičević. No wonder, David Dragičević cannot find peace in the other world. Instead of going against the killers of David, Stanivuković is now happy with status quo. Instead of avoiding Aleksandar Vučić wherever possible, he even awards the Butcher of Serbia. Stanivuković shall inquire more about Aleksandar Vučić´s role in the Bosnian war in 1992. It´s a madman’s nightmare, it included sniper kills. Behind the differing legal analyses lay the fundamental moral question of who should be held responsible for the gravest of all crimes and to what degree, but the trial against Serbian tyrant Vučić could provide an indispensable legal and historical narrative of events in Bosnia in 1992 and a valuable forum where’ victims could tell their stories and seek justice. The United States did not support UN Resolution 713, imposing an arms embargo on the former Yugoslavia, because the resolution favored the aggressor. The prosecution of Aleksandar Vučić will be an important step- toward ending impunity for dictators who perpetrate egregious crimes against humanity. The trial will evoke the tragic fate of Aleksandar Vučić’s Bosnian victims, as only the reading about the sufferings endured by these countless victims and survivors will be unbearable. And to such a dictator with blood on his hands, the “Keys of the City of Banja Luka” were given and a charter on an honorary citizen of the city? Is that all that Stanivuković has to offer? Even the Stanivuković bots out there say it was not Stanivuković but the president of the City Assembly of Banja Luka. It doesn’t matter because the mayor has the last word.

The United States Did Not Take Aleksandar Vučić Seriously

Almost all who have known or worked with Vučić agree that power is what motivates him. In the beginning, the United States did not take Aleksandar Vučić seriously, but now if we do not muster enough strength to stop him, who knows where it will end? An unofficial European Union diplomatic note seen by the Rich TVX News Network on redrawing borders along ethnic lines in the Western Balkans has caused angst and distress. The document states that the main obstacles to a speedier EU integration of the Balkan states are the unresolved national issues of Serbs, Croats and Albanians, which should be settled by creating a Greater Serbia, a Greater Albania and a Greater Croatia. The term Greater Serbia or Great Serbia describes the Serbian nationalist and irredentist ideology of the creation of a Serb state which would incorporate all regions of traditional significance to Serbs, a South Slavic ethnic group, including regions outside modern-day Serbia that are partly populated by Serbs. Aleksandar Vučić identifies himself with Serbia, but what will happen to those who think differently than he does. The leader of the Serbian opposition Nikola Sandulović said that he is “ready to lead Serbia” through a transitional period, and that he will assume the responsibility of leadership.

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