CNN Wants To Cancel Newsmax and One America News

CNN Wants To Cancel Newsmax and One America News

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  • Real shocker

  • What is CNN so afraid of? They have been infratrated by china.

  • I doesn't sound familiar 🤔

  • Oliver Darcy got punked by Alex Jones.

  • CNN needs to be destroyed. Along with all the other liberal run fake news outlets.

  • …..IT'S COMING! 🇺🇲


  • CNN and all those other channels that have the same “fake news” could have done it not so openly and ppl wouldn’t have cared to much or wouldn’t have noticed, but their news is so blatantly one side that ppl are aware of it and have tuned out. only the dumb and gullible continue to watch to their own demise.

  • CNN can go off itself. My God given First Amendment rights are not going anywhere.

  • Come out of your bubble… isn’t it to hard to see the devil lurking from every window. STOP THIS YOU WILL GET PEOPLE KILLED!!!

  • CNN and MSM with their pathetic employeed are a dying business, no matter who their competitors are. They are lying scum trying to brainwash everyone that doesn't follow their views.

  • Stop watching these fake news stations

  • CNN is so mad, "yeaaaaa" they have destroyed there self . The people are waking up and seeing how messed they are
    I have learned over the past 4 years that the democratics and MSM are destroying America. That's just my opinion, what's yours.

  • It's gonna get worse if people bow down. Trump wasn't there puppet. The truth does hurt sometimes. As that movie said, you can't handle the truth. IE, the left.

  • "There's no evidence of voter fraud," they say, except for the:

    – Dozens of surface-level anomalies including anomalies in vote counting.

    – Evidence of ballot harvesting.

    – Incongruent voting patterns.

    – The 154,000 missing ballots countrywide (William Briggs PHD study).

    – Data analysis shows that in Georgia, 30,000 votes for Trump were removed and 12,173 votes were switched from Trump to Biden.

    – 700 witnesses to the crime including poll watchers, whistleblowers, postal workers, and data analysts providing sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury.

    – Hundreds of counties showing results indicating statistical impossibilities just to name a few of the massive anomalies and irregularities which each indicate significant fraud.

    – The results not aligning with 18 of the 19 bellwether states. The "debunkers" claim, without proof, that this was because of changing demographics even though Trump GAINED the minority vote yet somehow lost the white male vote compared to 2016.

    – Dozens of highly credible data analysts providing the statistical anomalies and proof that there was, in fact, enough fraud to swing the election from Trump to Biden.

    – 40 combined hours of testimony in front of the legislators in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan consisting of just dozens of the hundreds witnesses and data analysts which alone provided sufficient proof that a significant amount of fraud occurred in all key districts.

    – 3,000 pages of affidavits which reveal nearly every form of proof possible absent a direct confession.

    – Video proof of illegal ballots in Georgia which were first hidden, then brought out, and counted after the staff told the Republican poll watchers and the media to vacate the premise because they claimed to have stopped counting for the day which is statistically corroborated with the massive spike in Biden only ballots during that exact time frame.

    – Witnesses in Detroit, Michigan who witnessed, first-hand, 130,000 plus Biden-only ballots brought in after 4am on Nov. 4th after Republican poll watchers were told they were done counting which is also corroborated by the statistical spike in Biden-only votes.

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