13-Minute News Hour w/ Bobby Eberle – Jim Acosta Now Says to Focus on Thoughts and Prayers? 8/30/21

CNN’s Jim Acosta is certainly playing politics with the situation in Afghanistan regarding the Taliban and ISIS-K. Countless times Acosta has denounced the sending of “thoughts and prayers” following a tragedy. Now, with Biden as president, Acosta says Republicans should put politics aside and just focus on “thoughts and prayers.”

Joe Biden and his entire team, such as Antony Blinken, Kamala Harris, and Jake Sullivan, have shown they can’t handle the job. But instead of digging around for the facts, Acosta is playing cheerleader for Team Biden.

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⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
0:42 CNN’s Acosta now offers “thoughts and prayers”?
6:30 Blinken contradicts himself on Taliban lists
10:39 Conservatives fighting back against woke companies
13:31 California teacher removes American flag from class

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  • Clown show lies lies and more lies

  • Yeah yeah sure whatever you say buddy

  • Vote Yes on that plz..

  • someone needs to investigate health, beauty & food products that have been tainted with ingredients that cause cancer, & other sickness or heavy bleeding like (lead, arsenic, asbestos

  • He's sickening! May God have mercy on his soul!

  • Acosta needs to be reminded that those who go against God's chosen will feel the wrath of God & Trump was busy saving kids & the world from blood-sucking pedos w & those who think kids are to be adult toys to be bought & sold for their pleasures & Those especially the media will be arrested & charged as if they themselves committed any & all the crimes against humanity murder & treason. & for overthrowing the election with false, fake, & dead voters & helped cover it up. Even those who voted for your President Biden Clone & company will also be charged for pedo crimes & fake re-deric they did to TRY & discredit MY President Who is an always was for the people & not their Youth or pockets or joy toys has more smarts & love to our country in his little toe than your whole body of fraud. Where you been anyway hiding out detoxing from adrenochrome or waiting for your new clone to grow up? Oh & when You get to GITMO again I hear Comey loves playing Howdy Dewdy since you are an actor (BAd) YOU might entertain him

  • WTF? …..Now he wants to be Human? I don't know….What the Hell is happening? I need a nap.

  • He's a hypocrite

  • Great show Bobby! 👊🏻

  • I'd be concerned with what Jim prays to.

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