One America News 1/13/21 | BREAKING NEWS TRUMP January 13, 2021

One America News Today 1/13/21
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  • trump republicans = violent extremist insurrectionists.

  • Trump is essentially telling us to submit and not fight back against our tyrannical government, just roll over and take it when he knows elections are going to be stolen and there are no peaceful solutions left! What does that make him? He said himself in speeches before that if this fraud stands we don’t have a country anymore and there won’t be another Republican President again yet here he’s acting like everything is fine. It makes no sense. What does he honestly expect us to do and why is he discouraging patriots from taking matters into their own hands to overthrow tyranny like the Constitution says?! How can we be a nation of law and order when clearly we aren’t anymore and the laws are only applied to certain people while the elites get a free pass? How can you have unity and peace in this country when we’re no longer united and HATE each other?! He’s either not who we thought he was or is a coward trying to save his own skin and weak! How can you honestly respect him saying stuff like this knowing what he knows?

  • The leaders of our country are unfit ! every one of them

  • We must pay tribute to the Democrats. Everything went like notes. Falsification of elections, the introduction of rioters in a peaceful demonstration, and much more. Well-organized, managed by highly qualified specialists, control over all ships, power structures, unlimited financing. All this was above the LAW and Trump and his team and PEOPLE could not resist the huge money!

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