🔴 LIVE: 13-Minute News Hour with Bobby Eberle – Monday, May 24, 2021

Monday, May 24, 2021: Join us live for “13-Minute News Hour”, hosted by Bobby Eberle – Fox News Fallout! Are conservative viewers leaving the network? | Ep. 365

Fox News once had a monopoly on conservative viewers, but not any more. With growing competition from conservative media such as Newsmax, OAN, and Right Side Broadcasting, Fox News has lost a considerable share of the conservative market. Is it just competition, or has Fox News actually pushed conservative viewers away?

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace received considerable criticism for his handling of a Trump-Biden debate. Hosts such as Juan Williams and Neil Cavuto often draw the ire of conservatives as well.

⏰ Today’s Features ⏰
1:09 Fox News falling out of favor with conservatives?
5:01 Mayor of murder capital wants to defund police
8:22 Chris Cuomo drives convertible while wearing mask
11:25 Oregon: “Show me your papers” regarding covid


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  • OAN is the best!!

  • Hasn't been FOX for years!!! Ever since they hired Juan Williams!!!

  • Stopped watching Fox following AZ call. I live here. You can't call a race at 10% counted unless you are corrupt. Fox had been anti Trump across most of their news platforms since 2016, but the early call effed them all.

  • For a long long time now I have cooled way off of Fox news in favor of other conservative news sources.

  • Cake in Chris's face. Left because of their flip flop mess news. Stupid dimms! Wearing a mask by yourself out side.

  • Chris Wallace was phoned getting out of a boat grabbing the hand if Jeffrey E. on his island = SWAMP creatures! The MAJOR networks ARE swamp! BEST DEPENDABLE NEWS REPORTS ARE : RSBN, OAN, Newsmax, NTD, and the independent Patriots on different platforms! Regular tv media are CIA propagandists!

  • Everything about Cuomo offends me

  • Fredo can’t even have a Legal inspection sticker. Where is his ticket?

  • If you want chaos murder etc vote for a female democrat and black person Look at kamelho

  • No! Fox is no longer my first source of news. Hasn’t been for almost a year now. Calling Az on election night was icing on the cake

  • No to all MSM.

  • FOX the New CNN Lite, thanks to Paul Ryan…

  • The news casters on Fox have gotten very liberal and don’t really voice the conservative view point. I used to watch Fox only on and off all day long. I still like a few of the anchors and wish they would come over to newsmax. Rarely if ever watch Fox feel like it has become fake news like the other liberal channels. I doubt everything that is said on there.

  • Fox has gone down the drain with the swamp

  • Goodbye to Fox: Election coverage & Chrissy Wallace, Donna Brazil, Juan Williams, little girl Fisher, & John Roberts.

  • Fox news is dead to me. I watch OAN & Newsmax. Newsmax CEO has some problems, but love Greg Kelly & Stinchfield. Chrissy Wallace is an opinionated jackass.

  • Dont watch FOX anymore. They sound like all the other crows cawing the same propaganda – with few exceptions. There are a select few there that should leave, but perhaps contracts prevent them. Its no longer "fair and balanced". We watch Newsmax, OAN, Americas Voice, The First, and RSBN – especially for events. Of course we have to ration our news intake due to the seemingly endless madness that has gripped the country along with the propoganda from those seeking to destroy America and subjugate us all.
    God help us. God bless the USA

  • Hate Fox because they hire criminals.

  • Has Oregon forgotten this America, land of the free …..freedom of choice!!!

  • Wallace is terrible and needs to go and he should take Juan with him! They should be on CNN. I miss Lou Dobbs! I watch Newsmax, OAN, Victory, RSBN and even Sky News.

  • Why no msm? Alex Jones has been right about 90% of what he said, wrong about 2%, and the rest hasn't had time to come true yet. I dont trust what he says. I go to the links for various gov, un, and other legit websites he shares and posts. I didnt have to keep watching him. I found the rest on my own.
    Be more like Jones.
    12:00 told ya so

  • Chris Wallace was always nauseating to me, especially he showed his leftist opinion (sickening) during the debate and then came the election. That did it for me. I gave up some shows I really liked too but it simply wasn't worth staying with Fox. I went to Newsmax and RSBN mostly.

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