Genoa Bridge Collapse

Shock moment Italy motorway disintegrates in Genoa

Genoa Bridge Collapse

Genoa, Italy. ( – At least 35 people – including a baby – died in Genoa after a motorway bridge collapsed during a “violent” lightning storm. Many others were seriously injured, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said.

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  • The reporter said the bridge "appeared to collapse". It didn't appear to collapse; it did.

  • Typical Italian work

  • This is what happens when your nation is run by a guy who only cares about his bunga bunga parties and no money is put into infrastructure and it's people. I'm pretty sure even the rescue recovery is the bare minimum.

  • Don’t trust the sun fake and chavs newspaper

  • Is he sayin oh dear 😂😂

  • R.I.P. 😢 best wishes to our lovely neighbors from switzerland…

  • Design flaw at the V-shape piers: No steel links to hold the two fingers of the V-shape piers, making it intrinsically weak, and eventually collapses as the bridge ages. It is bad idea to use the viaduct as link to hold the V of the piers together. Bad design causes peope die.

  • Now that's one convention no one wants to see.

  • wth did it explode or something

  • Oh boo hoo build it better next time lay ass italians and their long lunches.

  • God please be no deaths the UK sends love. 🙏🏻

  • Ohhhh this is devastating i feel so bad seeing this. Lord rest those souls.

  • I’m going to Italy on two days 😖

  • I just came back from being on holiday and we drove across that bridge

  • Live and learn

  • Zionist Jew termites!

  • Did all the news just get real bad real quick

  • …I drive on that bridge EVERYDAY to go to work… I feel something strange.. I don t know

  • соболезную.

  • Sporco putana

  • Were any of Francesco Schettino's relatives involved in designing or constructing the bridge?

  • Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

  • This is the same company that built the bridge in Miami.

  • Tragic tradegy, imensly saddening

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