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The Woman Whose Blood Was So Toxic It Cleared A Hospital – Gloria Ramirez

The Kubera Principle

The Kubera Principle

The Book That Will Change the World


Chapters for The Toxic Lady

00:00 Intro to the Toxic Lady
01:53 Chemistry
02:45 The Incident
08:49 Analysis
11:50 States Conclusion
16:41 The Theories
17:24 The Impossible Reaction Theory
22:41 Mass Hysteria Theory
26:33 Conspiracy Theory
29:31 My Theory

EDIT: in the video i state that more carbon atoms are picked up when actually it’s oxygen atoms. sorry for the error

This months video is all about the curious events surrounding Gloria Ramirez – The Toxic Lady.

Gloria Ramirez’s case is an unusual one with a lot of curious details surrounding her toxic blood. This is how she became nicknamed the toxic lady. Join me as we take a look at another strange and unusual case.
#unsolvedmystery #mystery

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Somatic Symptom Reporting in Women and Men Barsky, Peekna & Borus, 2001

Nine Cases of Accidental Exposure to Dimethyl Sulfate – A Potential Chemical Weapon, Rippey & Stallwood, 2005

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