The Joe Cozzo Show – Biden's Presidency Is A Disaster 9/20/21

Joe Biden has zero credibility with the American public. He has allowed a massive amount illegal migrants to cross the border during a pandemic, and Afghanistan has been a failure. Also, why didn’t the FBI issue a 24/7 surveillance on Brian Laundrie?

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  • It’s an abusive relationship with those two, it sure looks like he did something to her either accidentally or on purpose, either way she’s dead

  • Seth looks like he lives in Palm springs! Fruitcake

  • Sadly America is under Dominion machines!

  • Biden knew more than 80 million is not his supporters, make them take the needles to get rid of them. After all he has all the "imported" to replace the American people. He got everything to gain…presidency forever.

  • Worked all through covid…. Still bite my nails, Still have the one bottle of sanitizer i bought last year. Wouldnt shop anywhere that made you wear a mask…. I live my life with germs , and cant remember the last time I had the flu. 🙂

  • We don’t know what happened yet with that missing girl yet, but I’d keep in mind that many women are also abusive in relationships and can be as bad as men can be, if not worse because they hide who they are and are very manipulative and use their “I’m a vulnerable woman” very well to gain other’s sympathy and get away with things. But this guy does not look like a saint, lets put it that way. Poor young girl. I feel bad for her and her family. Very sad.

  • God Bless you Mr. Joe Cozzo 🙏
    Reading the title only.
    God has seen my dad through the Great Depression of the late 1920's (yes, my dad). We've seen through Y2K together.
    9/11 happened after he passed away, but we endured the pain through that too and the Great East Coast power outage in the summer of 2002.
    I've been through rain, sleet, snow, tornados, floods and smoke inhalation, car accidents and armed robbery too. God keeps us alive and well through it all.
    I often tell my husband "I dunno what God made us out of, but it certainly isn't junk."
    Have a blessed day. 👼
    In Michigan, USA 🇺🇸

  • Joe great show tonite is outstanding love every word can’t get enough we love you🇺🇸

  • I had not heard anyone do an analysis like you just did, Joe of the Gabby Petito situation. You said all the things I was thinking. You also gave what might be a preliminary explanation of why the police didn't put a watch on him, but they still should have!
    Do you also see the distraction factor in this?
    People worried and talking about Gabby, missing and alone in the West, beautiful thin, sexy Gabby Petito. .. and The great FBI / DCPolice event on 09-18, following the Afghanistan debacle and murder.
    I used to just take news and events the way they happened. Think about it?

  • They don't want conservatives infiltrating our airports. They only want likely Democratic voters infiltrating our borders. This is very strategic. I sometimes feel, even though I listen to conservative viewpoints a lot, I am alone in seeing exactly what the plot is. It seems that we are more caught up in local politics then seeing the grand scheme. They are distributing likely voters strategically. This is far more than mask and vaccination shaming. This is a hostile takeover of our nation. China will love when the socialists control all of our borders. The Dems are complicit. China will destroy these tools as well.

  • Howard stern is a major disappointment f that sellout

  • I am cutting my work what I am going to do for sporting my family

  • All this stress has given me a cheek rash

  • Exactly – they take down The other facts- Dr Malone Stated this jab needs halted pending further info

  • If I Show my elite Passport I don’t have to wear a mask ?

  • …< < h f r e e d o m ▪ □ r g…

  • ⛑cchfreedom☆□RG⛑

  • If you want to get back your normal life then encourage people to get the vaccines instead of talking bullshit here or insulting the government. Do something useful man!

  • Boston Commons Joe!🇺🇸🌴🇺🇸🖖😎

  • Find the bastard!

  • See looked an sounded higher than a buzzards ass


  •….At the Border in Del Rio TX.

  • I don t agree with everything said by you sir but I do totally appreciate your shows

  • Ironic "they" want to remove personal liability protection for cops but there.s no pushback on liability regarding the vaccine?….hmmm

  • You voted for Biden

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