The Joe Cozzo Show – Americans Do Not Trust The Left-Wing Media 7/19/21

The Left-Wing Media outlets are like the violinists on the Titanic. While their ship is sinking and ratings plummet, they keep bashing Trump, spread disinformation, and call White Americans racist.

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  • If the left news media told me an orange was round I would fact check the hell out of that statement. If I could even weed through all the google top sites of "orange man bad." Just saying I don't trust a word they say.

  • The content on this show is good, but this guy's voice and manner is slightly obnoxious. Maybe he could tone it down a bit.

  • fawchee is a complicit criminal committing human extermination

  • Anybody still using Suckerberg Facebook is helping the enemy succeed in the destruction of America STOP using facebook

  • I don’t think Biden knew what question he was answering. His answer really didn’t make sense unless it was specifically about vaccination rates…

  • We must rise up against joe Biden and the Biden administration and take back our freedom

  • Sounds like Oakland CA.

  • Just love you!!

  • Love listening and learning from.Thank you for truthful coverage.

  • That damn voice😖

  • A friend in my neighborhood a few blocks away were talking to their new neighbors who had just moved in (in the beginning of the summer) who told them, they lived In The city until walking down the street one day with his kids and saw a couple having sex right in the open. His kids wanted to know what they were doing. Literally the next day they rented a house in my neighborhood and moved out of the city. Said they will never go back until it's made safe again.

  • "The only pandemic we have is with the not vaccinated" Biden says. Yet there are more than not vaccinated people getting COVID. Yet they wonder why I along with millions of others won't get the vaccine for a virus that has been way over exaggerated.

  • “The Biden administration is the most crooked administration ever.” True that.

  • Same experience in Baltimore 20 years ago with my family. My home town. Never went back.

  • God Bless you Mr. Joe Cozzo
    😲 😳 <– reactions to the "pipe guy"
    I have to admit, I've never been to New York City.
    I've been to upstate New York once. If it helps.. 🙄
    My dad took me to see Niagara Falls on the New York side and Canadian side (in the mid 90's).
    It was breathtakingly beautiful!
    We saw it in very early spring before it was open for tourists.
    We sat on a bench together and just watched the water. No cameras.
    We just talked and spent some daughter/dad time together.
    We were on our way to Connecticut at the time. However, we found ourselves in Salem, Massachusetts.
    We took a wrong turn somewhere.
    No GPS existed at the time, paper road maps were used.
    All quiet in the car, I was enjoying seeing the mountains.
    My dad suddenly gets loud and kinda shouts:
    "Salem, Massachusetts?! That's where they used to burn witches!" 🤣
    I laugh about it now, but it wasn't funny then. Good old dad.
    He passed away in 2000 and this is the crap I remember. 😹
    Have a blessed day.🌾🕊
    Inside Michigan, USA 🇺🇸

  • Great show Joe.

  • They don't care about ratings,or money they're all working a propaganda station. That is their job to trick the public

  • I'm Baffled as to why I even watch stuff, thesedays?…

  • When will it be time to stop talking’ and taking action instead?

  • Well said!!! The Corrupt M S M. The People don't believe they say. The Left are Terrified of Trump and his Supporters ,we know what they are trying to do. Divide us!!!!(Guess What it's making us STRONGER.)….💪

  • Joe's the man. The left is no friend to us. Corruption is their middle name.

  • You weak right winger: your mind is not connected to your mouth! Hunters laptop news was broke by NEW YORK POST ….NOT…. NEW YORK TIMES. talk about misinformation. You pose more questions than answers. Your tone is exaggerated but your subject matter is same old childish numbing talking points …..come up with something new .

  • 14:56 Biden is Absolutely listening to the voice in his earpiece!!! He Took Only One Question & he Totally Lied!!!

  • Worldwide mankind has two choices. Salvation or follow the horde to Armageddon, certain and permanent death. Scripture tells of the return of Christ and upon His return, the world would end as we know it. The sky would tear open with a terrible noise and people would be flung into outer space, the heavens. It seems to me there is no choice but to find the Message. One Book, One Message, embrace it.

  • How people can trust the so-called ,

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