The Joe Cozzo Show – America Has Changed, And There’s No Going Back 6/18/21

Covid has divided America to the brink of disaster. The NFL is dividing the players based on vaccinations. And the US Military is using critical race theory to indoctrinate our soldiers.

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  • I'm DONE too! And just getting started fighting back on these Swamp Scum!!!

  • Spot on except for Pence.
    I have some serious concerns about Pence. I guess we will see.

  • Joe Cozzo is spot on. I can't think of anyone who gets it right like this guy.

  • Poor kids are just as smart as white kids – Joe Biden.

  • Seriously we are living in a twilight zone! thank you CCP for trying to destroy our country and the rest of the 🌎 world

  • I'm done with Covid 19 too, and you know what I have to say to the CCPP, the Chinese Communist Poop Party? Keep your dumb Covid Variences to yourself, don't come over here to murder us and take over our country just because you hate us. Stay on your side of the Earth, and we'll stay on our side. You don't want Jesus, keep away! Just keep your God Cursed Covid Variences away from us! We strongly dislike you! If you don't listen to us, we shall have to declare war against your regime! We hate Regimes! You chumps!

  • ******Why the Pence move as he did? THE "THEY" HAVE DIRT TO WORK WITH ON HIM…just as they do with MANY establishment Poli and court figures!!******

  • You're seeing the opposite side, not fascism, but communism. This is a communist revolution. If you don't know what that is go look it up. It is not China or Russia. Look up original people behind communism.

  • We will get thru this. The good thing about all this is the fact that the lies are being exposed

  • I believe it was done on purpose by world leaders. There was hints this was going to happen before it happen. I believe there was a purpose for this….it may still be to come what the reason was.

  • The drug prompters & Fauci are being arrested in due time ⏰

  • I’ve been done ☑️ since February 🤷‍♀️

  • He is right, white people are the different bread. It's called the bread that the all other races love to feed on and can't survive without it. They all love America's bread basket, but hate America and all white and black Americans who freed them and who provided us and them with bread.

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