The Good, The Bad and The Ugly | The Chris Salcedo Show

Tom Basile on the latest stimulus bill passed by D.C. and why the Left packed it with unnecessary relief and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘The Chris Salcedo Show.’

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  • “Thank god I don’t pay tax”
    – Trevor Phillips

  • Goes to show the socialist communist Democrats are willing to destroy America. They been doing this for decades. It's time to stand up against them and take our country back.

  • Turn down the volume of the woman advertising Newsmax at the end of every show. WE got the message and now reach for the mute button before she starts yelling!

  • France ain't folding out millions in side to people that's why they can help their people

  • Hungary takes care of their people first

  • Cut the Foreign Aide

  • are there any americans that like their american money going to other countries?

  • 7.8K👍 99 👎 ?? That's telling the World what's true ?

  • This should only go to the American people, small businesses and organizations helping abused women and children, sick people adults and children, the homeless. This is on the Democrats, they’re failed cities and states where I the toilet long before the virus.

  • For joe crooked Biden. Which never will be sworn in


  • Pelosi and Schumer put that Bill together!! EVIL ANTI-AMERICANS IN OFFICE!!!! Put America First for Pity Sake!! Covid Relief Bill is supposed to be for We the People, Small Businesses (Back Bone of Our Country), Restaurant Industry (Major Part of Our Economy AND Small Businesses!! Eliminate the Zombie Funds, Ghost Funds, Foreign Countries so the Politicians can get more Kick Backs and all that Ridiculous Spending for Lizards on Treadmills and Crap so the Swamp can pocket money and disperse it to their henchmen, supporters and families! WE NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP!💔🤍💙-JANUARY 6th, Will Be Wild-💔🤍💙

  • They want to destroy this country

  • Open the country

  • Don't forget the 33 billion to Venezuela to support their Marxist revolution –

  • Every time they approve a trillion dollars, the amount is so large you will never note the few million that ends up in some pocket or pockets. Politicians in general cannot be trusted to look after our money.

  • Mitch McConnell is disgusting.

  • We want small government. Stop wasting our tax money. We must keep our tax in our country. Drain the swamp. Thank you understand that democrats are ruining our economy.

  • The Authoritarian Communists!

  • The Democrat Party is The Communist Confederate Party.

  • The Bigoted Left!

  • Treacherous, Wicked Democrats!

  • 1st…. doh

  • If this would’ve been going on in the 1940s in New York ,,Como and the Blasio wouldn’t be around very long🙄

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