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Crystal Waters vocals alongside StoneBridge, Crystal Waters writing and composition is a sheer masterpiece!

StoneBridge Is Back With His New Single ‘Love Terminator’ Feat. Crystal Waters

The Swedish DJ Superstar StoneBridge’s much anticipated collaboration with Crystal Waters

StoneBridge Is Back With His New Single ‘Love Terminator’ Feat. Crystal Waters

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) – StoneBridge and Crystal Waters have finally announced details of their first joint single material in nearly seven years. The highly anticipated single ‘Love Terminator’ features Crystal Waters on vocals and is released through Stoney Boy Music. Crystal Waters is an American house and dance music singer and songwriter, best known for her dance hits “Gypsy Woman”, “100% Pure Love”, and  “Destination Calabria” with Alex Gaudino. All three of her studio albums produced a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. The Billboard magazine ranked her as one of the most successful dance artists of all time. Her accolades include six ASCAP Songwriter awards, three American Music Award nominations, an MTV Video Music Award, four Billboard Music Awards and twelve #1 Billboard Dance Chart hits. Her collaborations are as diverse as her influences, too. “I mentioned to her manager that I really wanted to work again with Crystal Waters, and we made that happen,” StoneBridge recalls. A few months back, the Swedish producer StoneBridge teased the upcoming hit ‘Love Terminator‘ feat. Crystal Waters in a live stream. The song was aired for the first time on StoneBridge’s SiriusXM BPM radio show and melds the house accessibility of StoneBridge with the trademark house beats. Crystal Waters’s vocals alongside StoneBridge, Crystal Waters writing and composition is a sheer masterpiece! A Number One seems certain. Be sure to give it a listen below:

The StoneBridge DJ Touring Machine Will Be Soon Back In Action

StoneBridge And Crystal Waters Have Always Been Ahead Of The Game

StoneBridge told the Rich TVX News Network about his collaboration with Crystal Waters. “We’ve cut an house slate and it really rocks,” he revealed. “It’s slightly harder than usual and has three minutes of funky house. Crystal Waters and I kept arguing about the song title but finally I can reveal it now.” StoneBridge said. The Swedish DJ Superstar StoneBridge and Crystal Waters have always been ahead of the game, so we are really excited to hear them drop a new track. Ever since it was first mentioned, house music fans have been patiently waiting to hear the collaborative single with Crystal Waters. “No one’s heard the full track until few days ago,” says Rain Man 雨男 [T.A.A.K.A.S.], a close friend of StoneBridge, “so it’s one of the music industry’s best-kept secrets. David Guetta and Martin Garrix haven’t heard it either. Lil’ Joey’s the only one who’s heard the track and that’s because he’s remixed it together with Stone. The StoneBridge & Lil’ Joey VIP mix is an absolute amazing!” Lil’ Joey makes deep, spacey, mostly instrumental grooves that range from dub to up-tempo lounge. The Lil’ Joey sounds are subtle but the beats are enough to make almost every track here perfect for after hours or warm-up club play. Obviously there’s a lot of people out there wondering what StoneBridge and Crystal Waters are going to come out with next. However, despite this, Rain Man confidently predicted that we will see a new StoneBridge album within the next year. “The thing with an StoneBridge album, you might write four tunes in a month, or you might not write a tune in six months,” Rain Man said. “You can’t really put a timescale on it. Anyway, things never work out the way you plan them in the studio!”

Everyone’s Going To Be Talking About It

Rain Man also revealed that the StoneBridge DJ touring machine would be back in action sooner rather than later, the moment the countries lift some of the restrictions designed to stop the spread of COVID-19. When asked about, he responded “We want to be touring this year, y’know?” StoneBridge enthused. “We want to get out there as soon as as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted – and I speak for Crystal Waters on that one as well. I love the whole DJ thing of touring. It’s like an house music family, y’know? It’s going to be a case of queues down to the end of the street,” the Grammy nominated Stockholm based producer, StoneBridge comments to the Rich TVX News Network happily on the upcoming DJ gigs. “Everyone’s going to be talking about it. Even those who don’t get in will be talking about how they never managed to get in, I love a good roadblock,” StoneBridge added: “You go out and you party. You do 20 interviews, 20 photo shoots and then loads of TV. Ibiza, New York, London, then back again. It is hard. It’s not great all the time but there are great moments.” Over the past few months, StoneBridge has expressed just how much he’s been missing DJ touring and his fans. The Swedish are the most advanced nation in the world when It comes to house music, although the United States and United Kingdom are catching them up, StoneBridge is wasting no time with new music in 2021!

StoneBridge Comments To The Rich TVX News Network Happily On The Upcoming DJ Gigs

‘Love Terminator’ Will Be The Next Big Festival Anthem

The collaboration with Crystal Waters is already gaining a lot of positive feedback online, and the night before, we heard StoneBridge playing a great set on an epic livestreamed performance-without any pressures, just great new music. StoneBridge was on, and the just over hour set featured a wave of new house music. Everyone thinks he just played the Stoney Boy Music sound, but he actually played this twisted, dark, funky music and he really jacked it up. Our fondest memory of ‘Love Terminator’ is hearing it for the first time at the StoneBridge’s SiriusXM BPM radio show and recalling it totally blowing our mind. A lovely, electronic, deep house number from Sweden, ‘Love Terminator’ is another one of those anthems that could have been played three times a night with no complaints. We have no doubts that ‘Love Terminator’ will be the next big festival anthem, as Crystal Waters has added some soulful vocals which fit perfectly with the funky StoneBridge bassline. It´s very energetic. The reason we are more excited about this production than most others is because of its originality and Crystal Waters’s meaningful lyrics and wonderful vocal performance. This is a very deep, house- meets-soul groove. This record has so much meaning and depth. Glamourous, queeny house music that’ll shake the big rooms. House music at its finest. StoneBridge’ new collab track ‘Love Terminator’ with famous American singer Crystal Waters has finally arrived.

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