Steube Joins OAN to Discuss Liberal Hypocrisy Surrounding COVID-19

A domestic travel ban on Florida isn’t based on science, it’s based on politics. Florida and the GOP have faced continuous hypocritical attacks from the left about COVID as liberal states like New York fail to protect their most vulnerable populations. I joined OAN After Hours to discuss this and more. Watch here.


  • In Singapore w/zero covid19 infection in our community the govt is still making mask, distancing, group size in public places limited to 8 people maximum, QR code scanning, as well as the ridiculous and outrageous public announcement on MET trains "to not talk to one another or on the hph while on board the train!" This is brazen abuse of power and Stuebe is right that because no one holds them accountable so govt(s) blatantly go beyond their mandate & authority to control people's movement & life. Those leadership forgot that they are elected to govern. They are not elected to rule w/o restraints!

  • Let us declare blessings over Greg and all leaders and people who are upright.

    May God bless America and all nations with leaders, ruling in the reverent fear of the Lord. Amen.

  • Hi、Greg.Thank-you from Japan.

  • 和訳があると嬉しいですし日本人の登録者が増えると思いますが難しいですよね😅

  • Please attach a Japanese translation. Please translate from various countries and make it a channel for the world.

  • 日本語訳をつけてください。いろんな国の通訳をして世界に向けたチャンネルにして下さい。

  • ナイスです!!!!!

  • Florida! Greg!
    Thank you!
    I’m looking forward for next CPAC !!

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