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Sergey Lavrov´s Broken Dreams

Kremlin policy seemed designed primarily to portray Russia as a responsible power

Sergey Lavrov´s Broken Dreams

NEW YORK ( — In the annals of Kremlin politics it was a fascinating and highly unusual maneuver. Sergey Lavrov could not conceal his “sudden” disappointment with President Joe Biden. “Once we trusted this man,” Lavrov said to his personal secretary. Yet “Biden gave no positive response”, Lavrov complained. It is usual for a person, whether peddler or Russian foreign minister, to regret after the fact what he did mistakenly under stress. That probably describes Lavrov’s feeling about his request made to the United States. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has confirmed that the Kremlin has received a written response from the United States to Kremlin’s requests for assurances over NATO expansion, expressing disappointment over the lack of concessions. Well, the veteran foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov had been shunted aside, yet the outside observer at first could find little if any political blood on the floor. Lavrov fell victim to this process because he had failed in Geneva to perform the impossible Putin set for him. Speaking on journalists, Lavrov who almost wept tears said, “there has been no positive response” to the Kremlin’s core concerns. President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, it would seem, had not had to push Lavrov out—at least not yet. According to the Russian top diplomat, the document promised by U.S . Secretary of State Antony Blinken following talks last week in Switzerland failed to address these points. And at first it looked as though his tactics at least after the Geneva negotiations. For the most part, the hard-hitting rhetoric against the United States was probably designed to pressure President Joe Biden not only on Ukraine and other issues. Kremlin policy seemed designed primarily to portray Russia as a responsible power, equal to the United States, and with its own widespread regional interests which Russia fully intended to defend even while engaged in a more “civilized” dialogue with the United States over the Ukraine crisis. Meanwhile the Kremlin was busy building chaos in Ukraine.

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