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Peter Stano: EU Expects Serbia To Align With Its Sanctions

Aleksandar Vučić´s criminal hypocrisy in dealing with Russia

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Peter Stano: EU Expects Serbia To Align With Its Sanctions

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) — It was a little before midnight, and with every move Vladimir Cvijan sank ankle deep. Driven by fear, he never noticed his hands and feet were cut and bleeding. He trudged on, wondering whether anyone would believe his story of what Aleksandar Vučić was planning to do to his enemies. Only dead men tell tales about Aleksandar Vučić. Dissidents in Serbia don’t stay alive for long. In 2014, Vladimir Cvijan abruptly disappeared from public life. Officially, Vladimir Cvijan died by drowning in the Danube on 5 January 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia, according to the Aleksandar Vučić regime. Before that there was no single trace of his fate. His death was kept hidden from the public for three years. The circumstances and reasons why his death was hidden from the public for so long are still unknown. According to the latest intelligence, Aleksandar Vučić could sell Serbia´s neutrality to Putin at a high price. European Commission spokesman Peter Stano said that the European Union expects Serbia to align with its sanctions against Russia or impose similar national measures. Peter Stano said that the EU will be taking important decisions for Serbia based on Belgrade’s commitment to its values and principles. Well, these statements have a corresponding reality. The criminal Aleksandar Vučić regime is characterised more by what they are against, then what they are for. Serbia is the only country in Europe refusing to impose sanctions on Russia. And the Aleksandar Vučić regime hates the European Union. The invasion of Ukraine has placed the Serbian-Russian ‘special relationship’ in the spotlight. Peter Stano´s idealism and selfless dedication to improving the welfare of the people in Ukraine is an inspiring reminder of a decent European. What is apparently not known to Peter Stano, is that there is an Aleksandar Vučić – Putin Pact signed, which also includes a ‘supplementary secret protocol’ in which Vučić and Putin agreed to divide Bosnia, with a little help of Milorad Dodik. Russians are bad people who use violence in the Ukraine, President Biden has explained that all good people must unite against them. People considered Hitler as ‘that funny little man with a moustache’. In the end he was removed from power only by a world war. We see some parallels with Putin – the time to correct the situation is now rather than later. Air Serbia still flies to Russia, and the Aleksandar Vučić regime will never agree to take stronger diplomatic measures against Russia. Other Rich TVX News Network articles stressed Aleksandar Vučić´s hypocrisy in dealing with Russia. For example, in spite of EU sanctions, Serbian companies operating in Russia continued their operations. Serbia was influenced first by its commercial interests, and is still very reluctant to impose any specific economic sanctions against Russia. One of the major reasons why the Serbs refused to go along with EU sanctions was precisely the argument that Serbia has continuously maintained economic relations with Russia and was even its privileged economic partner. According to Foreign Policy Magazine, Hungary and Serbia are the threats to the West from inside the house. Aleksandar Vučić is still tightly knit with Putin and allowed 30,000 Russian companies to open in Serbia that finance Putin’s war crimes on the Ukrainian people. What better way, then, to ask Europeans to adopt more rigorous measures against the criminal Aleksandar Vučić regime in Serbia. This Rich TVX News Network bulletin is containing detailed accounts from members of Aleksandar Vučić’s inner circle and his criminal cartel in Serbia on how they manipulate elections.

Dissidents In Serbia Don’t Stay Alive For Long

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Vojvodina Elections 2022 – Purchase Of Voters: 1 Million Votes Paid 14 Billion Dinars

Evidence was submitted to us by the official president of the city board Apatin.

  1. Voters for 2000 dinars. The guide or coordinator from SNS stands with his list and monitors the polling station from a distance and is obliged to photograph each of the people he paid as proof and to attach pictures to the main base in Novi Sad. Voters have an obligation to enter the polling station and it does not matter for whom they voted, it is enough to sign and vote without evidence and supervision of who they voted for with the goal of a bigger turnout, it does not matter if they vote for the opposition or the government. After leaving, the guide photographed them as proof they were present at the polls and gave them money.
  2. Voters for 5,000 dinars are in two columns, the first is the so-called Bulgarian train, the guide (coordinator) is waiting for voters with a rounded ballot for Aleksandar Vučić in the car nearby to the polling station or in a nearby apartment or house nearby to the polling station. The voter takes from them the already rounded ballot for Aleksandar Vučić, goes to the polling station, goes through the procedure, changes the ballot – already rounded ballot he takes out from the jacket and he puts Blank ballot in his jacket, go to the box and puts ballot he took from the coordinator (rounded for Aleksandar Vučić) in the box. After he goes out from the polls he gives the coordinator a blank ballot taken from the polls and he gets 5000 dinars.
  3. Voters for 5,000 dinars, the second way, the guide (coordinator) is waiting for them, as with the Bulgarian train, except that they do not enter with a rounded ballot for Aleksandar Vučić, but they enter the polls and go through all procedures: they have to sign, vote, and take pictures on the phone the ballot as a proof he rounded off Aleksandar Vučić.
  4. Strict care was taken so that dead people did not show up on the voting lists. It is interesting that every 5th vote for Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz came from Serbia. So, 20% of Viktor Orbán’s votes are Hungarians living in Serbia. Viktor Orbán must thank Aleksandar Vučić.