Market Rise with Seth Denson

After Hours catches up with Seth Denson — the co-founder and president of GDP Advisors — to break down how the economy is reacting to recent events such as the Georgia races and the coronavirus vaccine.

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  • Remember the stagnant Obama years? Here it comes again…get ready. We’re loosing a business savvy President for a clueless butt kisser.

  • OAN has sold out , or been sold. They are moving mainstream, and I am unsubscribing.

  • Wall Street has always done better under Democrats. Just FYI.

  • OANN, you need to dump this Alex Salvi, he's just a fast talking place holder, dragging down your network, and preventing a better personality from providing the news we can trust.

  • Harris will ! Jail Joe Hunter And Jim ! Then others . Buy Gold ?

  • Might as well legalize fentanyl.

  • That made me want to throw up the way he was a little to happy about the way wall street knows Biden well duh of course they do and of course Biden is going to kiss ass to China and this virus is suddenly going to vanish but the democrats will still find a reason for lockdowns..America is screwed

  • America is almost $30 trillion in debt thanks to the leftists and their useful idiots in Washington D.C. When china makes its move and the dollar is no longer the reserve currency the stock market in the U.S. will tank and our money will be worthless. When you start to see the effete political class moving their money to over seas markets move yours too.
    The price of gas is already going up.

  • Dude, Biden won't get that seat warm before the Kamel makes her move…

  • To all the duck duck go users.. go there and search “Italian federal court”



  • how do you not know what your VP is going to do? He has fup on his entire staff. Is he in on this calls Patriots to DC for what. They have destroyed our dollar or any chance of coming back from trillions and trillions
    in debt. So what if Trump is in on this knowing that. Please just go home..WTF this jackass president Trump has been in on all this bullshit

  • Donald Trump is the reason for evil. He loves the murder of American's. Osama bin Laden would be proud of him. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

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