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🎵 JVKE – golden hour (Lyrics)
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📝 Lyrics:

It was just two lovers,
Sittin in the car
Listening to blond
Fallin for eachother
pink & orange skies,
Feelin super childish
No donald glover
Missed call from my mother
Like Where u at tonight
Got no alibi
I was all alone

With the love of my life
Shes got glitter for skin
My Radiant beam in the night
no I dont need no light

To see you shine
It’s your golden hour
You slow down time
In your golden hour

we were just 2 lovers
Feet up on the dash
Driving nowhere fast
Burnin through the summer
Radio on blast
make the moment last
She got solar power
Minutes feel like hours
She knew she was the baddest
Can u even imagine
fallin like I did

With the love of my life
She’s got glow on her face
A glorious look in her eyes
My angel of light
I was all alone with the love of my life
She’s got glitter for skin
My Radiant beam in the night
I don’t need no light

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