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Joe Biden’s FCC Nominee Gets An Unexpected Ally: One America News Network’s President


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As some Republicans are lining up against one of President Joe Biden’s FCC nominees, Gigi Sohn, she has gained an unexpected ally: the president of One America News Network.  Charles Herring issued a statement on Wednesday endorsing Sohn’s confirmation, writing that “as an executive of an independent, family owned business of two national networks, One America News Network and AWE, I’ve found myself advocating for more open markets in an environment that is arguably a quasi monopoly. I’ve fought in the trenches side-by-side with Gigi Sohn for a number of years on multiple issues. I’m fully aware of Gigi’s personal views, yet I’m even more knowledgeable on her strong belief and advocacy for diversity in the programming lineup, especially in news, regardless of conflicts with her personal v …

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