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Ishq Farzi – Jannat Zubair & Rohan Mehra Ramji Gulati Kumaar Zee Music Originals

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Date: 2019-09-07 23:16:09

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Producer: Anurag Bedi – Business Head Zee Music Company
Cast: Jannat Zubair, Rohan Mehra, Niharika Agarwal
Music: Ramji Gulati
Singer: Jannat Zubair Rahmani
Lyrics: Kumaar
Marketing & Promotions: Kirthi S Rai – Marketing Head Zee Music Company
Arrangers: Dr.Deep (Uwf Studios)
Mix Master: United White Flag

Video Director : United White Flag

Most Streamed Spotify

Most Streamed on Spotify

Artwork – F1Digitals
Artist Styling: Dharti Gulati, Shrishti Munka
Dop: Rahul Arora
Choreographer: Manish Muradiya
Editor: Varun Arora
Vfx- Vikas Panchal
Production: Akshay Kapoor
Drone: Tanish Arora
Makeup & Hair : Rajkumar
Uwf Team: Sumit Sharma,Jagoran Saikia, Dr. Deep, Mr. Hit, Rawnak,Shashank Chopra, Danesh Akram
Special Thanks: Zubair Rahmani,
Casting – Jannat Zubair – Pratik Gaur
Casting – Rohan Mehra – Dinesh Soi
Post Production – United White Flag Studios

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