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Grant Stinchfield comments on the need to ‘push ahead’ in the Biden era – moving ‘the patriotic way forward,’ Biden’s ‘big government’ plans and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘STINCHFIELD.’

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  • AMEN! Brother! One day at a time, Sweet Jesus, is all we're asking from you. ✝️ 💜

  • They fear nothing. Information is useless without a strategy.

  • Let us all go to the Holy Spirit for help. We the people should not worry nor give up. But believe in what Jesus did on the cross for all of us. That Jesus died shed his blood and was buried, and God The Father raised him from the dead for all of us. So that all of us may have eternal life. Never give up The United States of America. Let us all always keep fighting the good fight of faith.

  • You're my hero

  • Biden is a one term president.

  • We the people all live by The Untied States Constitution, not for Biden the one that cheated. We all hate Biden Socialism.

  • If we want freedom and to save America it won't be done politically or by words.

  • Fair Voting is addressed now…We don’t have to worry bout that anymore…😒YEA RIGHT…SORRY,, I CANT trust this system again right now. Maybe later…Let the government GAMES begin…👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  • How will elections work in the future? How do we get rid of a system that runs on corruption? Where is our justice system, the Constitution and the rule of law? How do we stop the lies and gaslighting? Who do you trust among the treacherous backstabbers? Mr. Trump tore the mask off the political-media complex and they redoubled the coup, stole the election and started a purge…

  • Even Satan pretends he is an angel of light.

  • Donald trump is my president!

  • Very well declared Mr Stinchfield! You are so right in that righteousness, integrity, honor and truth always win out in the end! Almighty GOD is still on HIS THRONE and HE is still in control!!! GOD BLESS THE GREAT AGAIN USA!!!

  • Boycott Chinese restaurants!!!!


  • Thank you for STANDING UP !!! And thank you to the Democrats and the weak Republicans in our government for showing us your true side! These traitors to the American People, have no earthly idea what they just created! I will do my part on behalf of my President Trump, through emails, and letters to the leaders. JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGUN!!!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Hilarious.. Democrats calling for an ' Ethics Probe… Lmao.. Hypocritical in denial morrons..!!

  • Admire your bold stand

  • Grant Stinchfield is a true patriot. I'll fight with you! Full respect and support from Taiwan. God bless us.

  • You cant win a rigged game while only playing by the rules. I hope people realize this sooner than later.

  • Good for you, Mr Stitchfield!

  • Don’t know you, don’t care that you were gone or that you are here.

  • There’s something that’s just a little bit disingenuous about this exhortation, unless everyone is supposed to understand that there’s a hidden meaning that just can’t be said. Because most everyone is already fully aware of the corruption that were up against and had already cast their vote to put an end to it. The reason so many have given in to hopelessness and have given up is not because they lost, and just need to be encouraged to try harder. But because no one, or so few who could have made a difference would even let the evidence be presented, and the others wouldn’t even try to correct the problems that would ensure that people knew that their vote would be counted for a fair and honest election process. And this continued even when it became obvious what needed to be corrected to at least keep the last barrier of holding the senate majority. So is this still some taboo that can’t be mentioned on this program, because without this specific goal included nothing you said or anything else would make a difference.

  • Unfortunately america is not the the greatest nation anymore…..it’s a shitshow and it’s become the laughing stock of the world with the running of the presidential election and sheer corruption on display…….and I have not even mentioned joe Biden lol

  • I love my country but it's really hard knowing that the Democrats stole the selection only an idiot would vote for Joe Biden and we all know that that being said I'm frustrated as all get-out I think my vote will never count again unless we do something drastic I believe in the Constitution and I believe that one government become too big for its britches and needs to be replaced

  • And you as soft and weak as ever. Lil bish that’s your name.

  • The government just gave Trillions to the Paris accord, and foreign nations!!!!

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