He got away with it… | Greg Kelly

After what we saw this week, Greg can’t believe the headlines he’s reading. “The swamp did not want to be drained, and they did everything they could to stop him.” – via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • I am forever grateful for trump leaving his good life to fix this country all the hate he took just to better our country I’m sorry that you were abandoned by everyone but to me you are a great man and deserve so much better thanks for fighting for us and I wish you the best stay strong America will be great again because of what you have started you are great man hope you never give up

  • A puppet for the Koch Brothers/billionaire. Pence had a price Koch Brothers met it

  • I heard the congressional leaders left their laptops unattended when they ran to hide in the safe room. What if they were messaging Chinese Communist Party? It only takes a moment for that info to be copied……

  • She is a HUGE snake. President TRUMP did so much for her. Gates Made is the HOPE for this country.

  • Love ya Greg. Your a true patriot.

  • I did not know how similar the Capitol bldg. and Tienamin square are.

  • The way the dems and rinos were so happy and proud of what they did is a pure manifestation of evil. Fraud and betrayal in broad daylight and they laugh with zero shame.

  • It was not because of the violence they plan the violence purposely this is their excuse if pulled out the corruption

  • I wonder if they charged any antifa terrorists or if they focussed mainly on Trump supporters. They haven’t bothered charging any antifa terrorists before. Of course left wing media were alerted earlier about what was planned behind the scenes.

  • Thanks Greg.., good stuff to digest. Equally disappointed, but believe in another tomorrow.

  • Jan 06 2021 the Day America 🇺🇸 Died 🏴

  • The NPR thing was very telling.

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