Don Jr.: Dems can't face the facts

IMPEACHMENT: As the trial continues and prosecutors presented their case to the Senate hoping to convict former president Donald Trump for the ‘incitement’ of the events that took place at the Capitol, the 45th President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., reacts to what he’s seeing from impeachment managers like Jamie Raskin, plus the future of the Republican party. – via Spicer & Co., with Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith, weekdays at 6PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • Traitors and bad actors Trump 2020

  • Democrats believe in double standards.

  • I fully believe the instigators of the riots were Biden supporters and did not want the evidence to come out at the confirmation. Trump supporters would have nothing to gain by the riots. The Biden supporters would gain everything from the stoppage of the evidence being introduced. I still want the walk to the capital and peaceful protest that the president talked about. We got cheated out of it.

  • The United States 🇺🇸 of Trump ✊🏽

  • 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • When the cheaters win, they are unstoppable. We need to pray

  • Don Jr. has such a weak chin. I guess that's why he maintains that wimpy beard. Pick your poison Don.

  • Daddy's billionaire son was saying more radical words on this day! Just google his speech! What a shmuck!

  • 🇺🇸Trump 🇺🇸

  • Too late libs, rino's, and globalists… Donald Trump exposed a lot– "They" can't stop the American People, and the free world at large, from THINKING and DOING what is right. Collectively we are done with ALL of you– progressives, elitists, and the corrupt ruling class DO NOT matter to us– Continue to kick and scream, like petulant children, to NO avail. God Bless!

  • One man gives them the shivers .

  • The U S has become an Idiocrocy run by Democrats.
    It's only funny as a movie.
    Not Reality.Oh, That's right!!!
    Democrats don't know what true reality is.They make up there own and want you to believe it. NEVER!!!!!!

  • Politicians with dominion voting machines only need us to pay taxes

  • Trump's son should run for president next term!
    I'd vote for him it ain't like Trump senior will be making the decision! Wink 😉 wink

  • God we Americans are not blind 🙏 but what can we do democrats criminals get away with everything 🤔 and the fake news media

  • Don J Trump Jr said it best !

  • They do and have done everything they charge the other side.

  • Godspeed to Donald Trump and the Trump family.

  • Test post because of censorship.

  • Trump for American lose his own money. Dems for their own money sale American. Look their face, posture, voice like need beaten hardly animals.

  • People should listen to Mark Levin exposing impeachment sham on Sean Hannity. He is right on the goal. But don't listen to Lindsay Graham, who he's trying to give advice to the Lawyers who are defending Trump. What an hypocrit that man is. Many of the Elites are compromised with shenanigans, blackmail, bribery while sitting on Congress and they are ready to do the unthinkable to stay and keep the power. They are vicious, dangerous and untrustables. People are awakening and have eyes to see what is circulating on the net. Atrocity is a mild word to describe the situation.😱
    The Justice has to be done, one way or another way?
    Danielle! 👍⚖

  • Never voting again!!! This was the worse 4 years with the corrupt ion thatk took place by mostly the Democrats against the best President in history!!! What goes around will come back to bite you sooner then later….God is coming soon!!! His judgment you will have to answer to!!! Since none of you have wisdom,Integrity or one small lick of human honesty!!!

  • Why America alow this bandit democrats can play the way they want no body can stop is this own the government looking like they are

  • I miss my President and his family. Hurry and come back!

  • what will we do about these antiAmerican politicians in the GOP/Dem parties? they have ALL become a national security crisis! open borders, viruses allowed to enter USA, financially breaking the nation. colluding w foreign enemies.

  • I pray that Trump will come back. he is what American needs plus, he is teaching us all that we should always stand up for ourselves and also we can get what we want as long as we try 💕🥰💕 never take no as a ending point 💕🙌🏼💕

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