Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit 'bombshell' about an OAN News 'expert' witness

Today Axios is reporting that Dominion Voting Systems filed a lawsuit against conservative media outlets Newsmax, OAN News Network as well as Rudy Giuliani and others claiming defamation.

Dominion has been one of the most maligned companies in America- maligned by the conservative media, maligned by republican lawmakers, maligned by the president and all his men in a vast media eco system that perpetuated and reinforced the lies in an effort to overturn the last election. What Republicans did to Dominion to promote their fraud is inexcusable- Dominion hasn’t done anything wrong and is now fighting back to protect their reputation. In that lawsuit, there’s a nugget that details a so-called ‘expert witness’ that OAN used to promote the theory of Dominion election fraud that you may find interesting..


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  • What if dominion DID rig the election? If you don't think that the left in all of their demonic Insanity and unquenchable thirst for power that they would bend break or shatter the rules of law and commit fraud then you are a seriously naive and foolish man . They have power now and literally all they've done is BREAK THE LAW at the border and with the mask mandates and the corruption is destroying our country so yeah

  • Dominion machines accurately counted the fraudulent ballots.

  • Did you see the machines get hacked live at the Mike Lindell cyber symposium?

  • With all due respect I think you need to use common sense on this issue. You very well know what Dominion is. Please stop being part of the problem.

  • Dominion tried to be nice and via letter asked Sidney Powell and Rudy G to do a retraction of their statements which neither did for they were sued. I feel for the company and hope they get millions from these lawsuits. OMG their expert is a swing set installer. How dumb these people are.

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