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Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit 'bombshell' about an OAN News 'expert' witness

Today Axios is reporting that Dominion Voting Systems filed a lawsuit against conservative media outlets Newsmax, OAN News Network as well as Rudy Giuliani and others claiming defamation.

Dominion has been one of the most maligned companies in America- maligned by the conservative media, maligned by republican lawmakers, maligned by the president and all his men in a vast media eco system that perpetuated and reinforced the lies in an effort to overturn the last election. What Republicans did to Dominion to promote their fraud is inexcusable- Dominion hasn’t done anything wrong and is now fighting back to protect their reputation. In that lawsuit, there’s a nugget that details a so-called ‘expert witness’ that OAN used to promote the theory of Dominion election fraud that you may find interesting..


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