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The Disastrous Bosnia Politics Of Angelina Eichhorst

Angelina Eichhorst, a Dutch diplomat and European civil servant

The Disastrous Bosnia Politics Of Angelina Eichhorst

Drawing on Rich TVX News Network sources, with the full support of the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Department of State, this Rich TVX New Network bulletin is about the coming human tragedy in Bosnia. All this has largely been triggered by the behaviour of one bloodthirsty dictator: Serb tyrant Milorad Dodik, a member of the country’s three-person presidency. Historians will ask, why did the EU allow Milorad Dodik to assume such sweeping and unprecedented presidential powers in Bosnia? Why did the institutions designed to protect the Western democracy failed so readily, especially the EU? How was it that Dodik was granted so much authority that the world must fear again for the very survival of Bosnia’s Muslims? Why hadn’t the system of checks and balances worked better? Dictator Milorad Dodik is a member of the Bosnia’s three-person presidency. But in recent days he seems to have been doing everything he can to undermine what passes for country’s integrity. At the EU level, Angelina Eichhorst, a Dutch diplomat and European civil servant, currently serving as Managing Director for Europe and Central Asia at the European External Action Service (EEAS) in Brussels, Belgium, is responsible for this absurd policy. Angelina Eichhorst has already failed to draw red lines in the debate about a possible area swap between Serbia and Kosovo. Now she even claimed that the bloodthirsty dictator Milorad Dodik did not cross any red lines, although the opposite is the case. As the political consensus built around the fears of new conflict and its likely disastrous consequences, many American see Angelina Eichhorst’s stubborn resistance to the danger as head-in-the-sand stupidity. If anything, the fake ever-untrustworthy EU mainstream media experienced even less accountability for running with the pro- Eichhorst herd. Angelina Eichhorst is hollowing out many of world’s most treasured principles, including the belief in the “unalienable rights” of all mankind.In A Retrospective On Angelina Eichhorst´s Disaster In Bosnia

NEW YORK ( — It may become one of the great historical mysteries, leaving future scholars to scratch their heads over how someone with as such qualifications as Angelina Eichhorst came to lead the EU towards such mess in Bosnia, and this week’s debate in New York may have far-reaching consequences for the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its people. The historians may wonder, too, how after the Bosnian war of the 1990s and the US-brokered Dayton accords, it was divided into two semi-autonomous regions, Republika Srpska and the Bosniak-Croat Federation, but nevertheless, Serb tyrant Milorad Dodik has been threatening to withdraw the Serb territory from national institutions such as the tax authority, medicines agency and – crucially – the armed forces. In a retrospective on Angelina Eichhorst´s disaster in Bosnia, it’s a standing joke among American investigative journalists: who gets to deliver the bad news? The assembled journalists had laughed and applauded at Eichhorst´s own comedy routine when it comes to Milorad Dodik and her Bosnia mission. Instead of isolating the bloodthirsty dictator Milorad Dodik, EU negotiations are taking place with him. Many Americans watching the EU performance in Bosnia got the joke, but the journalists in the room mostly acted as if someone had died. Yet, while Angelina Eichhorst set off on her Bosnia mission – whether inspired by the divine or the earthly – there remained an unsettling question: Was Angelina Eichhorst up to this delicate, complex and dangerous task?Instead Of Isolating Milorad Dodik, EU Negotiations Are Taking Place With Him

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