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Breaking News: U.S. Intelligence warns of increased military activity in Ukraine

Urgent Bulletin: U.S. intelligence warns of potential consequences of Russia's military integration in Ukraine


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Video Evidence of Putin's Involvement Sparks ICC Arrest Warrant

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Breaking News: U.S. Intelligence warns of increased military activity in Ukraine

New Canadian Sanctions Target Pro-Putin Artists and Propaganda


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New York ( — The U.S. intelligence service has released a report detailing the impact of Russia’s decision to include the occupied territories of Ukraine within the Southern Military District. The report cites Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s statement from January about creating “independent groupings of troops” in Ukraine as the reason for this integration. The U.S. intelligence analysts believe that this integration demonstrates Russia’s intention to incorporate the occupied territories into its long-term military strategy. However, the U.S. intelligence predicts that this move is unlikely to significantly alter the current military situation, as Russia is already using forces from various military districts controlled by a situationally deployed headquarters.


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Russian Military Expansion Includes Occupied Territories of Ukraine

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The Canadian Foreign Ministry has imposed sanctions on individuals and organizations spreading pro-Putin propaganda and supporting the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine. The list includes state media holding “Rossiya Segodnya”, 38 individuals, including TV presenters and pro-Putin singers, and information resources linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin. The US approved a $2B military aid package for Ukraine, including GLSDB ammunition, allowing it to double its strike range. The European Commission visited Kyiv to discuss the country’s progress towards the EU but made no specific promises. The EU and G7 have agreed on a price ceiling for Russian oil products, relaxing the European embargo. France and Italy lifted objections to supplying Ukraine with anti-aircraft missile systems. Canada has solidified its stance against Putin’s actions by including these individuals and organizations in its sanctions list.

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