Attacked for the color of your politics | Diamond and Silk

Diamond And Silk saw their star rise largely through social media, and now they’re ‘under attack as free thinkers.’ The duo describe their fight against discrimination. – via The Chris Salcedo Show, weekdays at 5PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • Why do we even listen to immoral people?

  • fox shills on N.M. who'd a thunk it with all the nwo crap going on…hmmm

  • God bless you all! Thanks, keep doing what you do.

  • I guess they ain't black.

  • Whut a Sucker Mr Lemon Head

  • We need more people like them who see can see what’s going on and aren’t afraid to speak up.

  • Anderen internet die het wel goed doet kijk deze Mark bergs Zuckerbergs kan ook dat mensen naar de rechter stappen en dat hebben ze toe ook een keertje gedaan elkemaand betalen en dat joebiden Benghazi nancy pelosi gastapo mussolinie vriend de lakens uit gaan delen en dat in holland ook doen 🇳🇱🇮🇱🕍⛪️🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🔮✝️☯️♌️🕎♌️kijk dat Mark bergs Zuckerberg joebiden steun deze joebiden Coke snuiffer Benghazi moorden slaghuizen Fraude Met stembiljetten stelen van een kerkhof nou in het strafrecht van de grondwetten is dit boefheid

  • I always wait for their furniture to catch on fire since once they get going they are sizzling. I never forget how they took down the congressmen during their hearing similar to Candace Owens. You go girls! Awomen!!

  • F GOP and DNC
    3rd party needed

  • Impeach Biden

  • I love these women, pure patriots!

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