A clown car of hypocrisy | Sebastian Gorka

Longtime talk host and political commentator and former Trump cabinet member Sebastian Gorka joins Sean and Lyndsay to discuss the ‘hypocrisy’ he sees being expressed by prominent political figures, and efforts to ‘re-educate’ people whose political opinions they disagree with. – via Spicer & Co., weekdays at 6PM ET on Newsmax TV

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  • I guess it's okay for one but not the others it's okay to riot threaten murder on a sitting president I guess that's okay

  • How many times if this news station going to keep repeating what these awful people are saying. Enough is enough!

  • Any Republican senator who votes for Biden's picks MUST be recalled if allowed. If a recall is not allowed they must be inundated each and every day by emails and phone calls reminding them they are now considered traitors! When Demonrats mentioned President Trump they almost never referred to President Trump as "President" they either said Mr. Trump or simply Trump. Any Republican Senator who refers to Biden as President should be considered a RINO and be treated as such!

  • Some of the biggest pedophiles in Hollywood are going to be there, what a surprise.

  • Well looks like I’m not gonna be listening to no more GarthBrooks

  • Our poor children.😞😞😞

  • Yup 4 years from now we will be unrecognizable.

  • Beat them to Death!!

  • I would love to get all of those big mouth actors in a cage one by one and belat them to death!!!

  • Biden and Harris are useless!

  • Amazing, bunch of fools from Hollywood

  • See what a lair Biden and the Democrats are

  • The fake media is going to be grasping at straws for entertainment and drama to report now that they have SLEEPY JOE in the house! lol

  • Can you imagine if Trump said ANY of those words!? He said: peacefully and patriotically to make your voices heard. Now they are trying to impeach again?!

  • Talk about threats

  • They should be cancelled, fired and deplatformed for inciting violence!! I can't believe on one side you can say and act anyway with out consequences but the other side gets shamed, shut down, and threatened. THE HYPOCRISY!!

  • America has really gotten sick nobody got the covid-19 virus from Trump even he got covid-19 , they got it because unregulated communist's China and the W.H.O which supports Biden, And Trump is not a Doctor or a protection of Viruses when unprotected freedom of flight or travel overrides that protection. Your Media have twisted your minds and your eagle is a fraud! Your elections were stolen from all of you and will continue, Your not gonna change what 99 million Americans saw live and dealt with , you even hidden from the public the machines are they made in a communist's country to run American elections without security and irresponsibility to continue is communism at it's finest. You used covid-19 with people dyeing and sick to take over absentee ballets for disable people with paper ballots so people to vote without security don't really realize the security risk involved, then to turn around and deny justice to be seen or heard is a disgrace to America. With all this tyranny you will be unable to continue unless your a active terrorist of the people like China is, America has failed it's people with or without Trump the country has been stolen using tyranny! Congress and the Senate used the same election communist process to steal those elections as well from the people also it's an act of Treasons unless you can prove otherwise which you still refuse any justice to be seen or heard!! Media has twisted America by using it's freedom to attack it's own people for Money selling your country with open freedom for money is a disgrace for a self-inflicting unhealable unprotecting wounds for any future of a country!! America has lost it's country to unprotected freedom while this weakness is viewed to the world!! Congress and Pelosi the queen personal agenda's of insurrections will lead America without any justice to the broke people that lost billions with no restitutions! Obama was elected by race to heal racism when history abolished this long ago but it did the opposite Obama only hated America you can not beat hate with more hate! Morgan Freeman

  • Hollywood idiots hiding behind their fenced walls being protected by armed security guards have no clue about real life…

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