🔴 LIVE: The Joe Cozzo Show – The Truth About Slavery In America 5/24/21

Monday, May 24 2021: Join us live for an episode of The Joe Cozzo Show hosted by Joe Cozzo. Democrats are the Party of Slavery. They spread lies and use theories like the 1619 Project as propaganda. It’s time Republicans stand up, fight back, and tell the truth about the history of America.

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  • They are social communist using Nazi tactics

  • 🥰🇺🇸❤️

  • That’s telling it like it was and is. I hope a lot of people see this, it is not taught in schools, just democratic propaganda!!!

  • Chains are in my country right now destroying our water and our land and my leaders because of money that Chains are given it to them they can't say anything some time to come my Ghana it's will be hard for us to get water to drink or do anything is so sad

  • Thank u so much my brother I'm African from Ghana 🇬🇭 but what ever u saying is true because some of them are Brian wash because our leaders are the one to be blamed,,,instead of them to educate us also trying to tell us lies I'm from central religion and I'm fante,where our leaders sold us,i know what u are saying is true 👍 thank u so much God bless USA and God bless u,,,

  • Democrat Politics Is Disgusting

  • Given the association of that party with nefarious organizations in the mid-19th century (and projecting it upon others), indeed they need to be called out for who they are.

  • Joe starts program with 5 oclock shadow and finishes with a full beard


  • DESTROY THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!! Bill Gates is a Psychopath!!!! Viruses are man-made! Depopulation agenda 21

  • Thought I was listening to X22 report 🤔

  • I am with you 🇺🇸 🤜

  • Best President ever and he won by landslide I hope history books will never forget that ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️

  • Beard is crooked brah.

  • Technical Slavery in the Established US: 89 Years

    Age of Untied States of America: 245 years

    Percentage of Timeline the Established US owned Slaves: 36.4% of current establishment of the country that SLavery was legal.

    Jim Crow Laws: Established 1877 in Southern states only, and was deemed illegal by US Congress.

    Stats were conducted from the 1860 Census, which was at the height of slave ownership.

    US Population: 31,000,000

    Slave population: 3,953,762

    Percentage of slaves: 12.7%

    Slave owners in US: 393,975

    Percent of Slave owners in US: 1.26%

    Black Slave Owners in Southern States: Approx 5000

    Percent of BLack slave Owners: 0.12%

    Average cost of Slave Male 18-25 $1200-$2000

    Average cotst of slave Female: $500-$1100

    Average house hold monthly income of 98% of the entire Country: $2-$13

    **Question: How in God's name could anyone but 3% of the entire population, afford slaves?

    **ANswer: NO ONE

    Southern only states: Ownership range: 3.22%-5.67%

    Black Slave owners New Orleans:3000

    Slaves in New Orleans:10689

    Percent of Black Slave Ownership in New Orleans ALONE:28%

    Men that died for abolition: 1861-1865: 750,000

  • Love your research, knowledge and voice 🙌🏼🇺🇸

  • Great Britain were the first to end slavery in 1833, get your facts right please.

  • I believe in a free world, dig deeper friend, it all came from rich northerners

  • Thank you very much for your courage!!! With you!!!!

  • But the Republican Party IS part of the one-party system. America First only!

  • This is the dr king you know n love…they just hid this truth from you

  • Just so u know england ended slavery in 1805 america not till 1860…also the war wasnt just over taxes it was the british noticed the free expansion and wanted more tax for the supplies ..and america went to war over it….then yall had a war with each other over stolen property…im wise enough not to vote either way until you begin to talk tangables and cutting the check like dr king said….give us whats owed so we can purge our own instead of trying to chart our course…n stop trying to stawman africa…werw here deal with whats going on here…u celebrate 1776 every year yet tell us to get over it while u make laws for asians…ur fbi has targeted us for years….now yall feel the same press we have felt for years and expect us to support your ideology….i dont support blm 1619 peoject or any of that however America owes us that simple…n i am a trump supporter and i supported the idea of ice cube and trumps plans….also its not the blacks that got biden in…it was white curruption that rided the greatest president weve evee had….

  • Thank you for being so brave. 🏅

  • God bless our Nation 🇺🇸

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