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South India is phonetic and geographic society place where there is India. Ajinkya Tours is one of the best tour operators in Pune providing all types of tours and travel packages at affordable prices Where the mix of rich legacy and nature can be seen. The Muslim influence was momentary at the peninsular tip of India where as fringe impact on Hinduism in South was contorted by sliest amount. The Temple towns of South are very dissimilar to those of the North and brilliantly Vibrant.

South India fundamentally covers the four extoic conditions of India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and the Union Territory of Pondicherry. The South India vacationer destinations are tourism problem areas offering a right mix of untamed life, shorelines, sanctuaries, history, scenes that charm a large number of sightseers consistently.

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The backwaters of Kerala, immaculate shorelines of Lakshadweep, sanctuaries of Tamil Nadu, the untamed life belt of the Mudumalai and Bandipur backwoods, the world legacy locales of Karnataka is the thing that makes the visit to South India a flawless excursion. Go to South India with Meruka Tours to have an essence of this some portion of India and get enchanted by the one of a kind society and convention of South India.

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Western India includes the conditions of Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and the union domain of Daman and Diu. It is basically well known for spots like Mumbai, Goa, Rann of Kutch, the hollow sanctuaries of Ajanta and Ellora and the Wildlife Sanctuaries in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Ajinkya Tours is one of the best�tour operator in Pune providing all types of tours and travel packages at affordable prices Bragging of a rich social legacy, this part of the nation houses some excellent vacationer locales including brilliant landmarks, which are exemplifications of the radiant compositional legacy of old India. Additionally, the calm atmosphere in west India underpins the development of particularly changed greenery. Thus, a portion of the finest and best known natural life havens are situated in West India.

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The third biggest state in India, Maharashtra disregards the Arabian Sea and structures a necessary piece of West India. This waterfront state exhibits a fine mix of convention and innovation, and is home to a few charming vacation destinations. Unmistakable landmarks incorporate the Gateway of India, Mumbai; Elephanta Caves, Mumbai, Aga Khan Palace, Pune; Aurangabad Caves; and the stone cut caverns at Ajanta and Ellora. This World Heritage Site is prestigious for its great holes worked by the Rashtrakutas and other decision lines of antiquated South


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Lying on the western shore of India, Goa is a charming house grand appeal and magnificence. A vacationer’s heaven, Goa displays an invigorating mix of an unending scope of dynamite shorelines, arousing brilliant sands, rich social legacy, shifted verdure, wonderful places of worship and sublime sanctuaries. You essentially don’t have to look past the mystical place where there is Goa for the ideal occasion, be it fun, enterprise, daylight, most profound sense of being or just unwinding. Madhya Pradesh is frequently called the heart of India with a scene of levels, waterway valleys, slopes, and woodlands. For the guest, the highlight of Madhya Pradesh is the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the ninth tenth century sanctuaries at Khajuraho known for their sensual carvings, stays of the third century BC – seventh century AD Buddhist settlement at Sanchi and the hollow compositions dating to 8000 BC at Bhimbetka.


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