Time To Ban OANN


One America Network is the most extreme of the three far right news networks now on cable.   Zev Shalev introduces you to the people behind OANN with Greg Olear and L.B.


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  • The Moonies also manufacture submachine guns:

    Sean Moon’s church is not part of the Unification Church proper, but is a splinter of his father’s organization (after Moon died in 2012, rivalries between his children have resulted in them largely operating independently of one another). But the Moon family more broadly has, in recent years, made pro-gun rhetoric a major part of their religious and financial activities. Among the Tongil Group’s holdings is Kahr Arms: a small-arms company founded by another of Moon’s sons, Justin Moon.

    The company has long received attention from politically connected public figures. In 2016, Eric Trump attended the opening of one Tongil-affiliated gun store, as Blake pointed out on Twitter Wednesday:

    Here's a 2016 video of Eric Trump speaking at the opening of a gun store affiliated with the Unification Sanctuary, which is featured in the insane photos below. (Sean Moon, the head of the Unification Sanctuary, appears at 0:55.)https://t.co/qXxh2sZTbo https://t.co/ATZdUOPCgW
    — Mariah Blake (@MariahCBlake) February 28, 2018

  • Great show, and great guests. I am with you, OAN has to go, and fox.

  • Thanks for real. The content is compelling in the most honest sense. For these are the crucial issues.

  • Michael Cohen also said Giuliani & trump hate each other, and Giuliani will spill everything to save his own skin.

  • Hitchens was right. Religion Poisons everything.

  • I am happy you have ironed out the tech problems from your recent postings. Thank you for your terrific work!

  • My favorite threesome, but fucking depressing!

  • Excellent podcast. Watched all of you on Stuttering Johns.

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