The Right View with Lara Trump and Secretary Ben Carson 8/5/21

Join Lara Trump and former HUD Secretary Ben Carson as they discuss the 2016 presidential election, working in the SWAMP, his friendship with President Trump, and MORE!

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  • Love to SEE Lara and Ben, some of our finest Good Warriors, PLEASE, we want to see MORE of Ben and Lara.

  • Thx. The best, Dr. Carson! From Iowa

  • Crazy how lost all you Christians are, keep following these false prophets

  • Lara's just as sweet as peach pie.

  • God bless One Nation Under God 🙏.
    God bless and protects President Donald John Trump 🙏.
    God bless and protects all of the patriots military warriors 🙏.

  • How very blessed we are to have such an amazing and loving man living in this time of our time! Mothers are always trying to give us the opportunity and knowledge to be successful in life. Mothers and faith based people always praying for us young`uns how wonderful to have them on our side! Never give up on the kids in your life because they might be as special as Dr Ben Carson! Keep praying for our children!

  • These are BEAUTIFUL comments— you restore my faith in human beings- God bless you ALL…

  • There is NO better humam being thsn Dr Ben Carson!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic interview with a fantastic, dynamite guest! Thank you Lara!

  • God Bless , We the People are waking up . Thank You

  • God bless our best president Trump and Dr. Carson.

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