The Joe Cozzo Show – The Biden Plan: Blame Covid 9/3/21

The August Jobs Report fell flat on its face because Biden and Liberal Governors continue to pay people to stay home. Instead of recognizing the problem, Biden blames Covid and the unvaccinated.

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  • You know whats wrong with America…
    What are the things your not allowed to talk about.

  • Not all the truth! Any single parent with any baby of their own can get welfare.

  • The incentive is this, to become a surrogate for adoption! There are many organizations Christian and secular out there that want babies for adoption.

  • In my opinion, the liberal side wants to make the fetus nothing but a blob of tissue. That's where this really lies. If you make the fetus a piece of tissue then the fetus has no constitutional rights! But it's proven that within 4 weeks that heart is beating in the brain is fully formed!

  • There has only been 2 just wars in our history rest are fought for the wrong cause just so you know, to answer your question

  • In california, under family code, it states that abortion is illegal but it's not punishable!

  • The unborn fetus is alive inside the womb! It is a person, and subject to the 14th amendment where it has the right to pursue life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Who is here to stand up for that person? It is in the Constitution for those babies to be protected!

  • R Boarders runners……..Lol!

  • Tax payers shouldnt have to pay for it!!!

  • Joe, paying people not to work, makes socialism look good. This is dangerous. Sooner or later we run out of other peoples money and we fall into the abyss of socialism/COMMUNISM. Yikes. Just sayin. 😎😎

  • He ramp up testing . He's putting the cart before the donkey.. your suppose to vaccinate FIRST so you don't have to test for covid stupid moron. lol.

  • The first time I watched this show I listened to a man that voiced his opinion this is well appreciated, do I agree with you on everything? no, But by watching you on your show I see you are not afraid to stand up and speak your mind for what you believe in and that is why I watch this show, we had a back and forth on your yesterdays show on abortion that being said I looked up just how many women do abort in this country sadly the majority are in there twenty's and unmarried showing a young mother going through this alone which is probably why the choice is made to abort in a lot of these cases "probably", according to the Britannica abortions was going on clear back in ancient times, the women of Egypt aborted there unborn baby's themselves, Your right Joe if they banned abortions people will find ways to abort and this evil wicked sinful God hating government will see to it, Why? there love of money, which God says is the root of all evil-1st Timothy 6:10 king James version, I watched the whole Texas thing I also watched the videos of these youngsters flipping out over it standing with there signs my body my choice, do not people realize our body's are a temple of God, this all being said Joe I listened to this show today twice ya know we are a divided nation , the question is HOW are we divided as a nation? the answer is to many chiefs not enough Indians so to speak, WHY are we a divided nation? righteousness verses wickedness,
    everything you talked about on this show today can eventually be fixed "PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO GIVE THIS COUNTRY BACK TO GOD" this is the only out of the drama in this country today people will stand together, by no means am I a holy roller but I do believe in my savior Jesus Christ and I believe in his word, therefore I am on the winning side, I understand everyone has there opinions and as we know opinions are like buttholes everybody got one, BUT when a believer repeats the word of God to anyone its no longer an opinion its Gods law, I enjoyed the show today keep the faith Joe. God bless.

  • Fuzzy math can make anything look good.. lol..

  • Don't say "WE" or speak for your self. Biden and the democrats did this! There is no we in this crap!

  • The free hand outs is what keeps businesses in business. without money everybody goes

  • Code red for humanity 🤣🤣 the only thing causing a code red for humanity are the communist democrats and the new world order society they want to create around the world. The US citizens are not the only ones suffering due to this!

  • I think it's more like the vaxxed are carrying it around in their system passing it to the smart people not taking the vaxx! I hear you got it you can now stay the hell away from me!

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