The Joe Cozzo Show – Americans Do Not Trust The US Government 8/27/21

Donald Trump exposed Washington politicians as power-hungry liars. And as a result, Americans have lost complete confidence in their government, especially the Biden Administration.

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  • great show, just started watching this show, ty for this show, look forward to watching future shows

  • These peoples are pathetic. Hang them

  • These peoples are pathetic.

  • Russia and China have been war-gaming together for decades.

  • Our government cannot build a bridge. Evidence. Proof. Check it out. ll them dollars in their hot pockets. Pockets like a sieve. Holes In their heads and pockets. Not their money. Working Americans monies. Your monies. They take It every payday. Facts.

  • Forgot 911, just 20 years ago. Guessing everyone forgot to tell their newborn babies. They ignored this for 20 Years? 🤔

  • Well grateful I'm not blocked. Thank God.

  • no nation should ever take a war to another nation… We should overcomen this whats wrong with you… 9-11 was in inside job.. wake up man.. no mor ware never.. take peace
    sorry for my spelling.. im a german man thats hate all wars.

  • Kamala is half Indian

  • Sheller will go down in history as the FIRST military hero to do the right thing against the corrupt “leadership” who are selling us out to enemies. All due praise and respect and tears for this brave man. Now that made me PROUD Of AMERICANS

  • We’re enraged too Joe !!!!!!

  • My God that soldier needs to be court martialed now. There is NO circumstances that an unarmed American citizen should be made the enemy, for simply going outside. HORRIFYING. What a dishonorable piece of garbage

  • I totally agree with you with the equity military, I don’t feel safe with a pregnant woman soldier

  • Yes, Trump exposed the corruption, but unfortunately Trump appointed corrupt people also when he had a chance to get rid of them.

  • Joe, this is all planned, it’s a global takeover, I don’t understand why Americans aren’t rising up !!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Good title. Love the country. Despise the government. Government service should be an almost shameful act, reserved for criminals and reprobates. A punishment for shoplifting or something gets you an ankle-monitored, officer-supervised term as city council is my proposition. What i hate the most is the "respect public servants bs". You're morons who cant hack it in the private sector. You deserve shame, scorn and suspicion, not power.

  • Because Pentagon doesn't attack the Taliban and if Isis. Both are killing American citizens?

  • This guy strikes me as a echoberg

  • This former officer is lying…. There was no evidence of Ashley Babbitt drawing a weapon she was unarmed and shot to death by a inept officer.

  • You are awesome Joe Cozzo

  • Biden gave China a gift! Afghanistan! Taliban with China will make lithium mine slaves out of the Afghanistan people!

  • How is she even working and how are people stupid enough to believe her

  • You are absolutely right about the whole thing.

  • Nor should they trust them , you’d have to have a hole in your head to trust them. It’s like they are actually against the population and want nothing bad bad things to come to them. Call it as. See it and that’s what I’ve been seeing since day one of this administration.

  • Or just DONT WEAR MASKS !!! They are not needed

  • Weird it doesn't show your video when I look it up. But I have to go to notifications in order to find the video. But can still watch. But search for it. Can't find it

  • Respect Joe! Get it outta here!!

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