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Pravda Za Davida – Davor Dragičević´s Fight Against Milorad Dodik Regime

WARNING: Shocking and Graphic David Dragičević Video


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Pravda Za Davida – Davor Dragičević´s Fight Against Milorad Dodik Regime

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) – Dissatisfied with official explanations of the Milorad Dodik regime that his son David Dragičević had been a drug addict and a thief, and had killed himself or been murdered by a criminal gang, David´s father Davor Dragičević started a one-man protest movement that has grown into the largest antigovernment demonstration in Bosnia and Herzegovina in decades, and the strongest political force in the Balkans. “I have a lot of evidence that the Police of Banja Luka are responsible,” Davor Dragičević said. “They kidnapped my son David. They tortured him; they raped him; they killed him.

Pravda Za Davida
There are individuals who seem larger than life: Davor Dragičević is one of them.

David Dragičević went missing in Banja LukaBosnia and Herzegovina. On 24 March, his dead body was found. Police investigation ruled the death as an accident.  David Dragičević’s death triggered daily protests in Banja Luka from the day his body was found.

Rich TVX News Visits David Dragičević’s Grave – Pravda Za Davida

We went to Austria, to a small town called Wiener Neustadt and visited the grave of David Dragičević there, to show our respect. The energy at the grave is extremely strong. There is no ordinary human being buried there, but a angel is buried in that grave. The murderers and the Milorad Dodik regime have cursed themselves and their families for all eternity, with all the terrible things they did to David and his family.

Davor Dragičević Shocks The Most Murderous Regime – Pravda Za Davida

Most murderous regime in panic mode. As announced David´s father Davor Dragičević provides the proof and shocks the regime by releasing the first video images.

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