Patients Appear to Have Been Cured of Coronavirus through The Richard Steiner Method

The surprise success now confirms that a cure for Covid-19 is possible

Patients Appear to Have Been Cured of Coronavirus through The Richard Steiner Method

NEW YORK ( – The Richard Steiner Method is an innovative fitness plan and has already helped many people. According to sources, patients appear to have been cured of infection with Covid-19. Today, Patients are off treatment & show no signs of the virus anymore. The surprise success now confirms that a cure for Covid-19 is possible.


Richard Steiner has helped thousands of people on their journey to physical and emotional wellness – now, with The Richard Steiner Method, he brings his revolutionary method for shedding weight and achieving balance of mind & body, and addresses the difficulties that people face. The Richard Steiner Method is an innovative fitness plan that fuses strengthening exercises, to help participants transforming both mind and body.

The Bestseller Book – A Man of Honor

A Man of Honor” is the enthralling story of the life of Richard Steiner. By piercing the veil of secrecy of this mysterious man, Peter Pokorny explores his human qualities – loyalty, Integrity, conviction, friendships, connections, trust and honor.


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  • we've got nothing to lose, use baking soda aluminum free and gluten free either intravenous or nebulizer and try helping the immune of the infected covid 19 with Vit C IV in large quantity as no cure yet is found. And all other multivitamins that the respiratory system may become very low after contracting the virus. Help the gut so when virus goes down to the stomach it can killed by the acidity environment.

  • Excellent New Zealand. Let's see what happens there.

  • The covid swab looks almost as bad as being probed by aliens.

  • Richard Steiner´s name is Jean-Claude Van Damme

  • Everyone in the coments go read Richard Steiner´s book you will have a better understanding!

  • The only way you can keep 100 % of the people off the streets is to enact martial law and put the military in the street to shoot them. I'm not saying anybody should be shot by the military with a machine gun for violating the lockdown, but you could injure them with a shotgun. Just kidding

  • That dude's name, Jean-Claude Van Damme

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  • The Corona virus is really easy to get wear masks plz?????

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    Maybe don't kiss or hug know??????

    why are people buying so much to let paper

    Stock up on food bye?. I hope I don't get it?

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  • I want to thank all mainstream media for outstanding work to kill the Canadian economy. Fantastic job! I am sure that the communist party of Chine is more than happy to see the outstanding results of the panic you have been created. I have to praise the lack of facts, statistics, other factors related to the spread of the virus. All of a sudden a country like Canada where the parents are placed in homes and very often never been visited by family shuts down the whole country to protect them from a deadly virus, and yes for them it can be deadly! Somehow the virus gets to these retirement homes anyway and kills these high-risk vulnerable people but that is not the case, the priority is to shut down the whole country to make sure that nobody works, and the majority will lose their job permanently. One day at the end of the hysteria most of us won't have money to support their families including the old generation and their children. GREAT JOB! Congratulations again!

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  • None of the footage seems to show the large groups Trudeau is concerned about. There are lots of people all separated by some distance and what appears to be one family playing flag football. As a family unit they’d be in contact in their homes anyhow. I’m sure there are those who are choosing to gather in large groups, but what is shown seems to be a busy outdoors area in groups of two. I’ve gotta think it may be hard to find enough space in urban areas to get adequate outdoors time.

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  • Not the Prime Minister not the government only Jesus Christ can help us?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ please pray every single day for all of us ❤️ pray pray pray let's pray

  • I'd be pissed if I had to listen to that opera music when I'm just trying to relax

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