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AT&T poured millions into OANN, effectively funding the organizations’ growth. Cenk Uygur and Michael Shure discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“As the Trumpian One America News network churned out conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, the far-right TV channel reportedly had massive funding to rely on from a secret source: the world’s biggest communications company. According to a special report from Reuters published Wednesday, AT&T has poured tens of millions of dollars into the fringe channel, with an OAN accountant testifying in 2020 that 90 percent of the network’s revenue came from a contract with AT&T-owned affiliates.

“They told us they wanted a conservative network.… When they said that, I jumped to it and built one,” OAN founder and Chief Executive Robert Herring Sr. said of AT&T executives during a 2019 deposition, according to Reuters. Court filings cited in the report are said to show that one five-year deal with AT&T alone brought One America News about $57 million, thanks to monthly fees included in the agreement. AT&T spokesman Jim Greer disputed that figure in comments to Reuters and declined to specify how much the company has given to OAN.”*


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  • Why isn’t this more known? I’d like to show AT&T just how I feel about them trying to fund a dictatorship of the right to rule this country.

  • I currently have at&t. I called T-mobile and Verizon telling them I’m done with them because of this very reason and what kind of plan do they have to pull me to them (I still owe a few hundred on mine and my wife’s phones). T-mobile has a plan where they’ll pay off your remaining balance up to $800. I’m going tomorrow to switch. No way I’m giving a company money that’s going to turn around and hand that money over to people like OAN.

  • Let's be honest AT&T is looking for new viewers cause Cable TV is dying off.

  • I will be looking to drop AT&T ASAP! I will not support a company that blatantly Mislead the country and deliberately create division that has put peoples lives at risk.

  • Young Turks is the only news-reporting channel that has never set off my 🐂💩 detector. Thank you💕 Please don't ever turn to the dark side!

  • Gotta love Verizon.

  • I’ve cancelled my AT&T services

  • Hilary Clinton gave Antifa $800,000 for weapons and they've killed exactly one person. What? What is Antifa anyway? The FBI says they don't exist as an organization.

  • Rich people have always thought making the public ignorant and poor is good strategy. But what it only results in is revolution and having to start over.

  • They are having vocabulary issues… they said they wanted a conservative network.. but got a conspiracy network.. I realize both words start with "cons" but such different things.. none of the "networks" that call themselves or are considered by others as "conservative" are conservative.. there is no such thing as a conservative nutjob.. those are opposite things.. most people calling themselves conservatives are nutjobs.

  • That's capitalism for ya.

  • I killed AT&T years ago. I hated them so much.

  • Glad I cut ties with AT&T years ago. OAN is far more toxic than Fox

  • There isn't anything positive about AT&T. AT&T bites.

  • So, how many people have died due to AT&T's funding?

  • That just demonstrates AT&T's values. It's all about the money. AT&T knows that morons tune in to watch that crap which attracts advertisers which creates revenue for AT&T and long as the revenue is coming in its all good.

  • Reasons I'm never going back to AT&T. And there internet was shit for me. It was not working more than it worked.

  • If a buyer was paying for TRUTH the value of OAN would still be ZERO!

  • They're criminals. I go spit on the sidewalk and I'm finished. Unbelievable…arrest them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So on YouTube or on other outlets if you’re sponsored by a company you have to disclose it. There are many rule around this kind of sponsorship. So why didnt OAN have to say who they were sponsored by???

  • Every one boycott AT&t
    No one bay any thing from them

  • BBC has become absolute crap under the current PM Борис Джонсон .

  • I recall at least one video posted here where you thoroughly lauded the service-provider.
    Funny how fairness goes out the window when the economic system you manifest yet tend to denigrate does its job.

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