Bradley Birkenfeld will forever go down in history as the man who brought down the Swiss banking secrecy.

Interview with Bradley Birkenfeld

The Biggest Whistleblower in History

Part 2 of the Interview with Bradley Birkenfeld

Who do you think took the decision to detain you?

Bradley Birkenfeld: The corrupt individuals at the DOJ (During the Administration of President Barack Obama).

As a crusader against corruption, what do you say to those who would call you an idealist?

Bradley Birkenfeld: I am a realist and what people MUST understand is that I commenced my whistleblowing almost 2 years before the law was even passed (in March 2005). So that argument that I did it for money is futile. I was not even aware of the law until after it was passed in December 2006. I exposed the largest and longest running tax fraud in the world. One man. Where was the DOJ for the last 4 decades? Nowhere to be found and I had to educate them on this business operating right under their noses and they still screwed it up like incompetent civil servants.

Normally whistleblowers do what they do anonymously and try to stay anonymous, but you´ve decided to do the opposite, and namely to declare yourself openly as the person behind these disclosures. Why?

Bradley Birkenfeld: My unprecedented case is monumental and the world needs to know the truth and the facts.
I take great pride in calling my self the most successful financial whistleblower in history because out is true. Governments have reaped billions of dollars in returned assets, fines and penalties. I transformed a trillion dollar industry by myself. This will shed light on the corruption within the banks (UBS), governments (DOJ) and the system as a whole. It will also motivate others to be courageous to expose waste, fraud and corruption in our society.

You took on the biggest bank in the world, you brought down the Swiss banking secrecy and you exposed corruption. But as far as we know, so far not a single person responsible is sitting in jail?

Bradley Birkenfeld: That is totally correct. It just shows the outright stupidity and corruption within the DOJ. The fact that big banks and big governments are in bed together is outrageous and I will continue to expose this fraud. I was the only banker in the entire financial crisis to go to jail.

In your book, you illustrate how rigid moral codes have become an antidote to corruption, in your experience, are the folks at U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) particularly committed to the agency’s mission, perhaps even more than you might expect at other agencies?

Bradley Birkenfeld: The problem with the DOJ is they abuse their power and have no real oversight to speak of. All the more reason why I need to continue exposing their corruption and incompetence, so the world can see for themselves how bad it really is. Lying to Congress, Federal judges and the media is criminal and the DOJ has done this time and time again.

Please tell us a little bit about your book as a whole.

Bradley Birkenfeld: My epic story is detailed in Lucifer’s Banker complimented by my comprehensive website ( My book has been translated into 6 languages with more to follow along with my global lecturing program and advising foreign governments. It exposes the truth behind Swiss Bank secrecy and how it was abused for illegal purposes for decades and how no government could ever penetrate this fortress, except ME! I also expose the corruption with the American (“so-called) justice system with federal judges, federal prosecutors, probation officers, prison guards etc. etc. It is a true story never to be told this way again!

What was the reaction to the book from family and in your hometown?

Bradley Birkenfeld: I do not reside in my hometown but I know around the world there is has been an amazing response to this historic story. I have lectured globally and advised foreign governments as well as motivating other whistleblowers to do the right thing.

You obviously enjoy a much deserved visibility and success that keep increasing thanks to the excellent translations of your book “Lucifer’s Banker”. How is your work received in other countries?

Bradley Birkenfeld: Foreign countries (especially in Europe) have been shocked by this story of injustice, betrayal and outright fraud. My whistleblowing has helped hundreds of millions of people around the world including taxpayers, bankers, law enforcement, regulatory bodies, government investigators etc. I enjoy lecturing to law and business schools as well as government agencies. Living in Europe is also a pleasure.

What about the coming release of the movie adaptation of “Lucifer’s Banker”?

Bradley Birkenfeld: We are working on a possible TV series or a movie.

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