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'Interview with Nikola Sandulović' video has been banned and removed by YouTube, as Google is unfairly censoring free speech

Google Supports Dictator Aleksandar Vučić In Fight Against Nikola Sandulović

Part 5 of 100-Part Series The Enemy Of The People And The Free Press

Google Supports Dictator Aleksandar Vučić In Fight Against Nikola Sandulović

NEW YORK (RichTVX.com) – In the post-Slobodan Milošević era, Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić has discovered the potency of fight against Mafia as short and effective phrase which can be used in political campaigning. The Serbian dictator knows the game he is playing, even the Serbian public doesn’t know that ‘The Godfather‘ and ‘Scarface‘ Film Posters with the mafia bosses Vito Corleone and Tony Montana are all over Vučić’s apartment walls in Belgrade. The Godfather is one of the most successful movies ever made. The film is based on a novel by Mario Puzo, and it chronicles a decade in the life of a Mafia family, the Corleones. Aleksandar Vučić rules Serbia like his idol Don Vito Corleone. Those who disagree with this Vučić’s agenda — fight against Mafia— are branded criminal sympathizers. Nowhere is the insidious ascent of the messianic complex more embodied than in the “fight against Mafia” that Dictator Aleksandar Vučić accounced months ago. Hailed as a sensible response to the current wave of crime hysteria in Serbia, a state where the government is tied with organized crime. In Serbia public opinion is forged exclusively by the Dictator Aleksandar Vučić. Serbian journalists are officials, with their status, hours of work, duties and privileges all defined. Every morning they got from Dr. Goebbels a.k.a. Aleksandar Vučić their orders, which were to direct public opinion in certain channels. But the censors aren’t our friends. The Rich TVX News Network had indications that an politically motivated attack was possible after the inauguration day, and indeed the attack on Rich TVX News on 23 January 2021 came from GOOGLE – the Big Brother apparatus, owned as Alphabet Inc, an American multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mountain View, California.

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Aleksandar Vučić Has Become A Major International Embarrassment To Serbia

The Hunter Of The Night Alec Goes To Vienna

From the hotels of first district there is a pristine view of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The communication lines between these two worlds are generally muddied with stereotypes of liberal attitudes and a prominent scene, as even an Austrian drag act has been crowned the winner of the annual Eurovision Song Contest held in Denmark’s capital years ago. Vienna breathes history like almost no other European city. Emperors, warlords, princesses and composers once lived there. A city as much in touch with it’s past as it is looking to the future, Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić is absolutely obsessed with Vienna and for good reason. For years, Aleksandar Vučić, dictator drunk with power, lives a double life. When Alec, a.k.a. the gentle Serbian, comes to Vienna’s deluxe 5 star Hotel in form of courtesy of an hunter of the night. He likes the darkness. The night. The soft glow of the moon and cool summer breeze, while sportily dressed, covered with a baseball cap, only using public transports, and always on the hunt. The Smokie singer, Chris Norman once sang to Hunters Of The Night: “Love is such a mystery”. The hunter of the night is always at the ready, waiting for prey.

Former State Secretary Of The Ministry Of The Interior Dr. Dijana Hrkalović

Vučić Refers To Serbia As “The Lucky Country,” As He Appears On Serbian State TV Daily

Serbian Dictator Aleksandar Vučić has a history of indiscretion, and Vučić has a reputation for speaking before he thinks. The spectacular arrest of Velja Nevolja, as well as other members of his hooligan-fan group, including Vučić’s self-destructive tendencies when it comes to former state secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Dr. Dijana Hrkalović, is sadly only the tip of the iceberg. Vučić ‘s pride was humbled, when he stood at the height of his glory, but one could not escape the sense that there was something deeper at work. The slogan legitimizes and validates Vučić’s most brutal and violent collective instincts. Vučić’s distance from the rest of the world is one reason why Vučić refers to Serbia as “the lucky country,” as he appears on Serbian State TV daily, showing fake statistics, and wonderful economic growth outlook. The scale of falsification by Dictator Aleksandar Vučić has become a major international embarrassment to Serbia. As the country become more accepting of state-imposed brutality, what will be Serbia`s response when Aleksandar Vučić fails to reduce crime?

Google Has Become A Tyranny

A nationally repressed suspicion that Aleksandar Vučić might indeed be irrelevant to the world powers that be, out of sight and out of mind, even Aleksandar Vučić rules by fear, but he is also ruled by his fears. Aleksandar Vučić’s concern are the Russians, he is afraid that he will be murdered by Russians. But he is most afraid of the opposition leader Nikola Sandulović. Last spring, Nikola Sandulović was arrested and poisoned by the Vučić regime with a nerve gas and was hospitalized in a serious condition. But now the dictator got unexpected help from the internet giant Google in his fight against opposition leader Nikola Sandulović, as our ‘Interview with Nikola Sandulović‘ video has been banned and removed by YouTube, as Google is unfairly censoring free speech. Google has definitely become the symbol of the censorship of the entire modem world, and after the paradigm of the Spanish Inquisition and the later Third Reich, be consigned to oblivion by a conspiracy of silence; for there can not be the faintest doubt that Google is the most abominable form in which the Deep State ever reigned on earth. Google has been now censoring the online speech of Serbia´s opposition leader Nikola Sandulović, citing “community standards” as their reason.  More and more content of Nikola Sandulović that is outside the Alphabet Inc´s groupthink is being removed from their platforms.

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With A Little Help From My Deep State Friends

Google continues to gain dominance while limiting our freedom of choice. Your personal data is extremely valuable to Google, and they use it and abuse it, but it is not on the symbol, but on the reality, that everything depends. Google should not be given control over free speech. A Deep State is a type of governance made up of potentially secret and unauthorised networks of power operating independently of a state’s political leadership. When it comes to true tyranny, Big Tech-style, Google easily agrees to throw the people under the bus. It only proves again how the Deep State avidly supports ruthless dictatorial regimes in such places as Serbia, as the Dictator Aleksandar Vučić has abused his authority as Serbian President and intervened with Google to remove opposition leader Nikola Sandulović from YouTube, and Google had no scruples to assist the Serbian tyrant, in other words, make Aleksandar Vučić absolute dictator, and that´s where the highly organized international criminal Deep State network comes to light. Silicon Valley rarely gets as dark and dystopian as Google`s support to an evil Serbian dictator. The end of the free speech has arrived, but tell us, Google — when it really counts, whose side are you on?

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