Football’s Coming Home – England vs Croatia

Football’s Coming Home – England vs Croatia

MOSCOW ( – Ivan Rakitic scores the decisive spot-kick as Croatia beat Russia 4-3 to book a semi-final date with England.

When is it?

Wednesday, 11 July 2018.

What time is kick-off?

It is a 7pm BST start in the United Kingdom

England manager Gareth Southgate:

England’s progress to a first World Cup semi-final since 1990 is an “incredible feeling”, says England Manager Gareth Southgate.

“We are a team who are still improving” Gareth Southgate said. “We know where we are.

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  • Croatia, please don't get moved by the fact that you have only 4M people and playing in semi. it will satisfy you whereas you have the potential to win the cup. come on guys, remain thirsty for win, hungry for goals.

  • I dont understand why some people say that Croatia got here because of luck, and some say they arent playing how they should beacuse of all quality in their team, 5 out of 5 wins is luck?? Come on…. What then decide if they are worthy to be champions or they didnt deserve to even qualify…

  • Sick and tired of this lick each other butt comments. 🙂

  • the last time the lads underestimated us like this was in the euro qualifiers 2007 🙂

  • Looking forward to listening to this bunch after England is derailed to play for the bronze.

  • Rebic not been so good? Who even takes these idiots seriously


    Btw, love your country. Ride through it every year, Europeans love you!

  • Jebem vam mater kurcevitu vi ste igrali na penale protiv kolumbije picke balave jebat cemo vam sve zivo i nezivo za ovakvo bahato i kurcevito ponasanje

  • They spent 6 minutes discussing which team will finish second place for the tournament

  • It's coming home.

  • Croatia will terminate the Lions

  • I remember when all of these "experts" saw Spain in final

  • Good, good. Underestimate Croatia. Good…

  • England will beat Croatia and will be in the final against Belgium. Beyond that…. GOD KNOWS but I would not be surprised if England beat Belgium in the final !!

  • People seem to be forgetting that England also played 120 minutes against Colombia, that's 30 minutes less than Croatia. If it makes a difference it won't be a big one. The concern for Croatia is some lingering injuries to the GK and right back but they won't play unless fully fit. Croatia usually struggles against counter attacking teams so they'll almost be relieved to be facing an England which will most likely try to impose itself early. England does have pace which will trouble Croatia'a defence and they'll be dangerous on set-pieces but the Croats have the superior players in the middle and are arguably more dangerous themselves on the counter or half-counter situations.

  • Arrogance and underestimation shown by the media and fans is beyond me…

  • Hope Croatia wins all you England fans actually think it’s coming home but if they reach final France is gonna kick some crumpet ass

  • 5 british hypocrites

  • england you will cry

  • Look at the players . Croatian players play for better teams ! Who is Trippier and Stones ! Canada could beat Sweden !

  • Come on England!!!!

  • So according to these men Peresic is not even a factor?

  • France vs Croatia final from a welsh man

  • its funny how croatia people are typing here in english, !!!!!!!!! it is the language of england, why dont you type in your own language? or are you really england fans??

  • As I see in the comments, nobody is cheering for England ?? and I see why

  • These actually think we’re gonna win? Croatia in the final then

  • Are you serious? This is honestly the most biased panel ever, you may as well be the North Korean News! England have only won against ONE good team, and that was Sweden, Croatia have beaten ARGENTINA, NIGERIA ICELAND DENMARK AND RUSSIA, who have England beaten? Tunisia, Panama, a Colombian team without James Rodriguez, and Sweden who has no big names in their team? Talk about ridiculous hype on England’s part, It’s going to be a harder game than you think it will England

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