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DIVINE – MIRCHI Feat. Stylo G, MC Altaf & Phenom Official Music Video

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Date: 2021-01-10 00:12:23

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Mirchi – The second single from DIVINE’s sophomore studio album ‘Punya Paap’.

Download & Stream:

English Translation:

Audio Credits:
Track – Mirchi
Artist – DIVINE, MC Altaf, Phenom, Stylo G
Lyrics – DIVINE, MC Altaf, Stylo G
Music – Phenom
Mixing – Phenom
Mastering – Charles Wakeman
Label – Mass Appeal India / Gully Gang
English Translation: Nabeel Lakhani

Video Credits:
Produced by – Gully Gang Entertainment
Directors – Ruel Dausan Varindani, Joel D’souza (JD)
Choreographer – Ruel Dausan Varindani
Director of Photography – Malay Prakash
Editor – Joel D’souza (JD)
Colorist – Navin Shetty (Nube Cirrus)
Stylist – Nikita Wanwari

Executive Producer – Deepak Singh
Associate Producer – Sumit Sabharwal

Assistant Cameraman – Shivam Borkar, Nikhil Pai
Steadycam – Deepak Singh
Focus Puller – Sunil Kumar Pandey
Production Designer – Mayur Magicz
Director’s Assistant – Rishikiesh Nalawade

Line Producer – Sadanand Sugur
DOP (Second Camera) – Sumit Samaddar
Focus Puller (Second Camera) – Nagesh Tawte
Gaffer – Abdullah Chaudhary
Hair & Makeup – Chetan Pathare, Adil Shaikh
BTS & Stills – Yash Kamat, Mohit Mukhi

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Lead Dancers – Aarya Singh, Chaitra Shetty, Nivedita Sharma, Zeenia Kolah, Krishi Rajendreasinh, Riddhi Upadhyay
Dancers Courtesy – Wonkru Entertainment

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2nd Unit Team – London
Director & Producer – Mr Moe Musa
Director of Photography – George Burt
Gaffer & Lighting Kit – Otis Matthie
Camera Team – Henry Owen, Gazelle (Gaze Productions), Ed Jones



Stylo G –

MC Altaf –

Phenom –

#Mirchi #DIVINE #PunyaPaap #GullyGang

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