CNN host attacks veteran amputee in Congress | REACTION

Representative Brian Mast of Florida, a veteran who lost his legs in battle, was questioned by CNN’s Jake Tapper after raising certain concerns in the House Chamber. Mast joins Newsmax TV to react, discuss free speech and censorship, and more. – with Newsmax TV’s Heather Childers and Bob Sellers

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  • Wow, I’ll wait……….

  • Tapper needs sent overseas.

  • Thank you congressman Mast.

  • Democrats in MAGA shirts rushed the Capitol. Like the Boston Tea Party. Jackasses (acting as such) dressed as Elephants.

  • Thank you for tour service and your sacrifice for our freedom! Keep fighting, we the people stand behind you all the way!!

  • The USA has a coup

  • Every freedom loving human needs to BOYCOTT
    And all the other companies that support the Democrat communist party
    If we don't stand together now for freedom
    We'll have no freedom
    President Trump started to Drain the swamp, he needs our help and support to finish it. Freedom depends on it

    Big tech is starting to take over🤡

  • He is right. The dems are going to persecute republicans like the nazis did to news during the holocaust.

  • Pushing the reset with WEF 6uild 6ack 6etter with klause schwab, also Biden and leadership around the world. First move : take down the leader of the free world! Ccp virus was the opportunity they say to bring the new order. Communism schwab said China will lead it..yep..not wrong.
    Don’t be mistaken..this is the fourth Reich at your door! And many elites profiting off your poverty. They say ‘ you won’t own anything, and you will be happy’….fleecing the world while they enslave you. Biometrics with blockchain connected to your DNA samples..extorted with this ccp virus.
    Read it all on WEF…Trump was dead against Americans giving up sovereignty in WEF..listen to it and you will know, they had to remove him because they coming after all of us, world wide!

  • What a great guy! Florida has some great Conservative Congressmen

  • America please boycott
    Jannury 20 – 2021
    The Illgetmeant Election
    From Corrupt Socialist Democrats Criminals !!!

  • Probably afraid 😨 of Pelosi.

  • Crapper is a high paid…..dirt bag !

  • Jake Tapper being a jerk, what a surprise.

  • Brian should go on dingbats show and free speech that idiot into the ground.

  • Great questions Mass, you have the best ones. I saw the Solemani silence as well, great job!

  • Big Tech and Amazon and Google and Twitter and You Tube
    Is Abusing the First Amendment
    Something needs to be done about this misscarrige of Justice

  • No due process.

  • Brian Mast AND Tammy Duckworth said exactly the same thing here about serving to ensure free speech here. But Mast is the one acting like the snowflake 😂❄❄❄

  • Sounds like communism to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Mast a true gentleman and a hero. Tapper a true disgraceful idiot!

  • In Hong Kong the people's of Hong Kong are tired of The Corrupt Chinese Government so
    They holding up posters of
    President Trump because They want Freedom and Freedom of Choice 🇺🇸

  • Unfortunately, Noone cares enough to do anything and everything will be blamed on Trump because liberals have all media saying that.

  • That sure is lacking due process

  • What´s he describes here in the lastest words is what is happening right now in Venezuela…

  • All the snowflakes on here saying the violent ones were antifa…. Trump said to them in his own words "We love you. You're very special". SO with your logic, Trump loves antifa. Ok🤣🤣🤣❄❄❄

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