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Christian Bale Transforms Into Dick Cheney

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VICE | Official Trailer

NEW YORK ( – Watch Christian Bale’s chameleon-like transformation into Dick Cheney. The VICE movie, directed by Adam McKay, chronicles Dick Cheney’s life as the former vice president under President George W. Bush.

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  • This gives me goosebumps

  • Give Christian Bale another OSCAR. The man’s a human CHAMELEON – very few actors completely transform themselves – not just physically – INTO their characters like Christian Bale does.

  • I really hope Christain Bale wins his second Oscar. He works so hard and is an unbelievable actor.

  • Media Outlets Like RICH TVX Keep Hiring CIA/Intel Veterans

  • Hot damn this trailer still gets me HYPED AF

  • Pravda Za Davida

  • is a Worldwide Propaganda Network Built by the CIA
    America and Israel created RichTVX.

  • We are waiting for Trailor 2.I wish this gonna be fabulous

  • Pravda Za davida. This is making me cry after a year of not crying.

  • Satanic Illuminati Propaganda Machine Exposed!

  • Who is there 5th October 06:00 PM? PRAVDA ZA DAVIDA

  • Alexander Soros, the son of billionaire philanthropist and Democratic donor, George Soros is funding on behalf of the CIA.

  • I watch this movie I know the trailer will come out

    ARE U?

  • Thanos is golden state, LeBron is Thor , the guardians is the Lakers

  • Trailer: 11/10
    movie: 10/10

  • Its been 3 weeks I want the BluRay 😢😢😢

  • I heard about this movie one year ago for the first time ❤️

  • Pravda Za Davida

  • Much love from Canada

  • Bale is a mind-blowing actor!

  • Christian Bale looks so much like Dick Cheney! It’s impressive how he transforms himself for whatever role he takes on.

  • Before (First avenger movie):
    B-lack widow
    I-ron man
    C-aptain america

    Now (Infinity war):
    B-lack widow
    I-ron man
    C-aptain america

    N-ick fury
    D-octor strange

    H-awk eye
    Ebony maw

  • Who says the dialogues in Sync with the Characters?

  • This definitely Brings back the Chills.

  • I got clickbaited.
    If you also reply please.

  • 4th October anyone

  • Guys u could see the hulk in trailer in wakanda but actually there was no any hulk in the film….it is a scene of avengers 4 where through time stone, the same thing will b repeated and there will b hulk too..

  • I want to brainwash myself to watch this Trailer again and get the CHILLS like the First time

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