Trump-Putin Summit: Helsinki Market Square shut down 

Trump-Putin Summit: Helsinki Market Square shut down

HELSINKI ( – U.S. President Donald Trump has long said he would like to improve relations with Russia. He’ll get a chance to do that Monday, when he meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland.

Monday’s summit between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on Monday will shut down a landmark market square in central Helsinki located next to the presidential palace.

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  • The Ruskies are far ahead of us in the mind control department . ( there is one . Make that several )
    We can boast the success of Mockingbird , Monarch , Paperclip , Artichoke and the others we think we know about , while they have planted at least two agents in the WH . Melania ( International Monarch ) and Bannon ( Naval intel in Iran in Carter era ) .

  • Got the negatives and video , Vlad ?

  • People of NATO if you pay attention to Congress they just stopped Trump on that front

  • The way Russia accidentally shoots missiles I'm wishing one for Trump


  • "Germany is run by Russia" …proceeds to run under Putin's coat tails.

  • Trump projects. In his mind he is the USA,. His delusional base is, well, delusional and believes the entire thing, LOL. Putin accomplished nothing with this asset but delusions that most quickly shook off . . your strategy kinda backfired there vlady. RFL

  • why does he like russia so much?

  • Eau de cov fefe. Laughs and drinks over the money he still owes Russian oligarchs.

  • Expanded collusion

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