Roland Gutsch and the Legacy of Yiasou

A History of Electronic Music Pioneers

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Roland Gutsch and the Legacy of Yiasou

NEW YORK ( – A pioneer of electronic music who vastly contributed to the electronic dance music era, Austrian composer Roland Gutsch wrote one of the most iconic songs ‘Yiasou’, which captured a new electronic disco sound, a futuristic type of dance-floor energy. Built with analog synths, heavy bass, and electronic percussion, ‘Yiasou’ was full of synthesizers pulsing to a electronic beat. ‘Yiasou’ gained critical acclaim in European nightclubs in 1987, reached number 1 on the Official Austrian chart in April 1988, and spread all over Europe.

Iconic Synth-Pop

Roland Gutsch first made a name for himself in the mid-1980s the composer of the Curacao classic ‘Time Up For Love’. He began making music as a teenager. Learning the Keyboards, he discovered an early interest in producing synthetic sounds. Decades since Curacao, ‘Yiasou’ has experienced a global renaissance through the Internet. Leo Korn, lead singer of Curacao, died of heart disease in 2008.

One of the true greats of electronic music

Roland Gutsch was a true pioneer of electronic music. His compositional work on electronic dance music classics ‘Yiasou’, ‘Love Is Pain’ and ‘You’ set a new benchmark in the electronic dance music genre. The entry of synthesizers and other electronic effects into the disco genre produced electronic dance music, but electronic dance music would never have been possible without Japan’s advanced electronics industry. Roland Gutsch is credited with pioneering electronic dance music, and his work with synthesizers heavily influenced many other musicians and music producers.

Italo disco is known as Euro disco. A big comeback of italo-disco began in 1998. Several online radio stations stream the genre.

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  • Get up you creature of the night
    That’ll people start to feel alright
    Mr. Baloo in Africa
    You, me and the Chinese wall
    Sing Yiasou to all the people
    Sing Yiasiou you gonna live it up
    You’ve got to stop the fire
    The fire of desire
    Come on and move your feet
    To the electronic beat

  • Me volvia loca…que guapo era….😍😍😍

  • еееееееееееееееееее!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There’s no doubt this is the best music ever created of all times.I grew up listening this wonderful music,thanks for sharing this gems.

  • Много игры.

  • Очень неплохо. Но …

  • italo disco …best surprise of 80s
    just listen the melody….Yiasou

  • Grande Leo Korn splendida voce

  • I used to like his songs

  • Sabrina Salerno

  • The best music in the world

  • Roland Gutsch, Leo Korn……lui era solo un bel mimo

  • Musica anni 80…speciale!

  • Semplicemente.. bono.😍💓🙃

  • I love Yiasou. 80s nostalgia!

  • è un grande artista ma poi x sentito dire ha commesso reati che a mio parere gli hanno fatto erodere punti

  • The best music style ITALO…Long live ITALO DISCO…

  • ‘great music” it touche’s my soul.”

  • Люблю Италию, Неаполь привет.

  • excelente música de los 80″

  • Curacao was cool!

  • Beautiful song❤

  • Szeretem a zenéjét ! 🙂

  • Il numero 1 sempre!

  • Сюпер )) особенно первый трек !!!

  • ITALO DISCO is the BEST music in the World! 🙂

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