President Trump refused a question from Jim Acosta

President Trump refused a question from Jim Acosta

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ( – President Trump refused a question from Jim Acosta at a joint press conference Friday afternoon with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

“Mr. President, since you attacked …, can I ask you a question?” Acosta asked Trump.

“Can I ask you a question?” Acosta persisted.

“No,” Trump told him.

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  • Trump is the most honest president we have had in decades.

  • CNN fake news sucks?

  • cnn gets beat by the Weather Channel ??????

  • The weather channel is actually pretty good and have good people on there,its not boring and depressing.Cant say that about cnn.

  • LOVE our President. This country has needed a leader like this for decades.

  • Weather channel rocks at least you can believe what they say.

  • Comical Nothingburger Network
    Clinton News Network
    Clown News Network

    Whatever you want to call CNN, CNN Sucks!!!!


  • Great vid, loved it.

  • The hell with CNN and all those other stations that don't like our president they could kiss them ass

  • God gave us a tough President with an actual BACKBONE to clean up the disgusting mess this country was in! Thank God ALMIGHTY for President Trump!?????

  • "OUT!"


  • "I only handle softballs from FOX." that's what he means. Fake president accusing others of being 'fake' – much like how he is a con man and a fraud and accuses others of being 'crooked'. Fuck Trump. And fuck all the people who still support this travesty. If you're still a Trump water-carrier you deserve every bit of derision that comes your way.

  • he just keep swinging them out of the park hu?



  • Crying News Network.

  • Acosta is a self-serving asswipe!

  • Communist

  • CNN = Clinton News Network !!! Their nothing but scumbags !!!

  • Trump is a wolverine

  • Did the cnn news reporter ask any question.

  • Cancer News Network

  • I wasn´t even a Trump fan before he ran for Prez. Now I love the guy because he really knows how to destroy these commie anti-american garbage reporters. CNN the news for ISIS members and Marxists. My question is, Why doesn´t Acosta, Tapper, Blizter, Stelter and all the other worthless human beings at CNN, just move to their beloved homeland of Cuba.

  • Lol…"let's go to a REAL network". SAD that that's the reality in "diverse" America.

  • CNN lives in their own little world.

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